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What Are the Characteristics of a Good Leader?

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The project manager is first and foremost a manager who must manage his team effectively. But you want to be more than just a manager: you want to become a leader. You want to inspire your employees and motivate them to surpass themselves in order to achieve the objectives set. You want us to seek your opinion, follow you in your decisions and apply your advice. 

If some are born leaders, others need to develop their leadership to become more than just a manager.

Being a leader is not a function, nor an official title, it is a behavior, an attitude. The leader has a charisma and qualities that encourage others to listen and follow him, to seek his advice, to seek his approval.

The leader listens to his interlocutors with attention and interest and waits his turn before speaking. He is attentive to everything that is said to him, whether it is criticism (positive or negative) about him or problems his colleagues are facing. His sense of listening forces respect.Here is 8 tips to become the leader that your team will follow blindly.

A vision you will have:

To be a good leader, you must have a long-term vision. It is essential that you know exactly where you are going and that you are staying the course no matter what.

Experience will win you:

Leaders often have a lot of experience, know what they are capable of and know their limits. They regularly leave their comfort zone to deal with difficult situations and know how to make difficult decisions.

You will never doubt:

A leader never doubts him or the decisions he makes. He is sure of his choices and he has confidence in himself and in his actions. If he is wrong, he assumes full responsibility and consequences of his actions. It is thanks to this attitude that he wins the respect of others.

A good communicator you will be:

The leader has a keen sense of communication. He knows how to communicate his ideas and defend his opinions. He is good at negotiating and excels at easing tensions and resolving conflicts.

An example you will be:

If you want to be a leader, avoid “do what I say, not what I do”. You must have exemplary behavior that inspires respect:

  • Be honest and sincere: do not hesitate to attribute a success to the employee who deserves it. Take responsibility for your actions and know how to recognize your mistakes in order to inspire trust and loyalty.
  • Keep your promises and your commitments.
  • Do you want your employees to get involved in the project? Invest as much or more to set an example.
  • Never stop learning: this is how you get better and it will encourage your employees to do the same.
  • Be smiling and in a good mood: no one wants to follow someone who makes the head.

Finally, a leader does not wait for recognition; he looks after his appearance (especially his work clothes) and his posture (the language of the body). He knows how to stay calm, even under pressure, he is just, confident and master of himself. You can take help from any financial expert like Shane Dubin. Shane Dubin Canaccord knowledge and practice of investments started at a young age and carried through over the 18 years working at Scotia McLeod.

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