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What are the steps to obtain Hungarian citizenship?

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Over the years, citizenship laws for Hungary have changed that are exercised at the time of applicant’s birth oversees an application. Present citizenship laws are base on Act LV of 1993 of the country. It’s granted when any of the parent is a legal Hungarian citizen, if applicant has been residing in the country for about eight years or married to a Hungarian national and been living in the country for almost three years.

Legal guardian is eligible to apply for their respective district within Hungary. It’s worth noting that all supporting documents must be written in official language that is Hungarian. If you’re interested to apply for citizenship of Hungary, don’t miss reading this post.

What are the steps to obtain Hungarian citizenship1

Citizenship based on lineage/ancestry

  1. Applicant must provide relevant proof of at-least one parent being a legal Hungary citizen either via marriage or birth certificate. To do so, you’ll need as many certificates as possible to trace heritage. Remember to have them translated in Hungarian and request to issue original copy.
  2. Come clean with proof of citizenship application for which form is available on Hungarian Embassy’s official website. Provide proof of identification and details of your Hungarian ancestry.
  3. Once you fill up the form, take a print out and deliver it in person at local Hungarian consulate. Carefully read prerequisite document checklist and processing fee that also goes with the form. Consulate offices are located in New York, Washington D.C and Los Angeles. You may check directions and address to these offices at Hungarian Embassy’s website.
  4. Your application will be forwarded to and reviewed by the Nationality Verification Division at the Office of Immigration and Nationality in Budapest. The process may take around six to nine months depending on details and other factors. If bloodline is matched, applicant is bestowed Hungarian citizenship and other legal documents.

Citizenship based on residency

  1. Participate in class session of Hungarian Constitution. You will then requite to take an exam over the subject and pass it however may exempt from this rule if you’re a college graduate from Hungary. Being physically unfit for the exam is another reason.
  2. Carefully read, understand and complete citizenship application form that identifies you, areas/places you’ve lived in Hungary over eight years having no criminal record and proof of current employment. If with family, provide evidence of your financial stability to support them.
  3. These forms are available at local mayoral registrar or consular’s office and from a public agency dealing with citizenship. If your applying for citizenship based on marriage, cater relevant proof and details of three year living within the country. You may need to attach marriage/birth certificates or any other document with application form to support your statements. Carefully read the prerequisite list or ask directly from the person in-charge.
  4. When you’re done completing the form, have it delivered to local mayoral registrar or consular office, at a public agency either by mail or personally. Processing fee may be charged so better learn about it in advance to avoid last minute inconvenience.
  5. Your application will be forwarded to and evaluated by the minister looking at all Hungary citizenship by investment activities. This process may take six to nine months.
  6. Once approved, you’ll then take an oath of allegiance before receiving citizenship documentation.


Following the above information would successfully award you with Hungarian citizenship. You may get more info on Hungary citizenship by investment here.

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