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What Aspects you Need to Consider Before Initiating an eCommerce Venture

by Soft2share.com

I am sure you know at least 2-3 persons looking to start their own venture by launching an ecommerce website. It is by no way a new phenomenon but the one gaining new grounds off late. The reason is simple; we need to think out of the box to make any business work nowadays as old-fashioned business ideas don’t work anymore. There are many ways in which it will become the only option for businesses to survive as we are going towards a total digital revolution.

For starters, getting an eCommerce website is not that difficult as you can hire the services of an eCommerce developer easily. But the real story starts from here. I am sure that most of my readers are aware of what is hot in the market and have some idea of their own regarding a product that they want to launch. But there are many factors that are involved in this regard. One way to analyze your business idea and whether your strategy is right or not is through SMART. Let me explain this you in a bit detail.

SMART: What it is all about?

SMART is the acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Below is an explanation for this.

Specific: Don’t let your objective for a product or service go overboard.

Measurable: Ensure there is a method of measuring success and progress.

Attainable: Set realistic objectives and do go after your dreams as reality is a quite different from it.

Relevant: Make sure you are not getting distracted from the core goal.

Time-Bound: Put a deadline in place with key milestones.

You need to analyze the above mentioned aspects with great deal so that you don’t

Your Market and Website Function

It’s time now for dealing with some specific challenges in this regard. One of the first influencing factors to consider is your market. And it depends upon your product. What it is all about and how you are going to market it. In the beginning, decide whether you will target the B2B market or B2C market. The B2B consumers have a different frame of mind to the B2C consumers and it’s really important.

A B2B company that offers contract manufacturing services may look to attract big electronics brands to its site in order to sell its services. Think of Sony getting on board with its latest products and you are competing with it. No chance, you will think about this scenario. But fret not as you will be not in a direct competition with them as you will target a different age-segment for a digital camera, for example.

The visitor needs to find the site when searching for specific products such as printed circuit boards or a contract manufacturer – these need to be optimized for SEO with compelling, relevant and valuable content on your site. That’s how you can compete with the big guns. It will be definitely be a slow process but a one that will offer you a chance at hitting the bull’s eye.

What your customers are looking for? They won’t be looking for a price from your site but they will want a detailed view of your unique selling proposition (USP), especially capabilities and portfolio of clients they will want to contact you easily via a simple form and perhaps get in touch via the phone. Companies need to take care of this aspect very carefully.

It’s vital therefore that your board invest in SEO and a strong brochure ware website. You will also need a solid online PR campaign to support your position as an authority, and a good acquisition email campaign will add value.

Final Word

There are many factors that I can explain in this blog further but due to lack of space, I have to finish this one here. If you are looking for some more explanation, please use the comments section below and ask whatever is puzzling you.

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