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What Does Nanofat And Microfat Transfer Procedure Involve?

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Nanofat Transfer Procedure, alternatively known as Microfat Transfer Procedure, is one of the trendiest cosmetic procedures which involves the removal of fat from the excessive fat area and gets injected into the required space.

This treatment is ideally used for the removal of wrinkles from the face and can also be used for extracting excessive dark circles around the eyes. This treatment is known by different other names, including micro fat grafting and nano fat grafting. However, this procedure doesn’t assure the dramatic effect on the face but still renowned as an economical option to eradicate the minor aging sign from your body.

Nevertheless,before undergoing this anti-aging procedure, it is always preferable to get a complete idea about its nitty-gritty. Here, in the present discussion, you will find out all the significant aspects snd features this process involves.


All those patients with the right health conditions but face the minor aging signs are quite eligible for the procedure. People undergo this micro fat transferring procedure to reduce the following aging symptoms including;

  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Sunken emergence
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles on the face
  • Spotting
  • Saggy Skin

Microfat Transfer Procedure

It is quite an uncomplicated procedure because it involves simple practices. The process gets started with simple anesthesia for the comfort of the patient, and later on, a syringe gets injected on the area with the excessive fat. The most common area that is preferable for donor fat is buttocks, abdomen, and flanks.

For the removal of fat from the other fluids, it puts in the centrifuge. The next step is placing the isolated fat on the desired area, including the face for eradicating the aging effects. This restoration process is most useful to mitigate the aging effects to give you a fresh and juvenile look.

The usage of platelet-rich plasma, also known as “autologous condition plasma,” is useful for enhancing the Microfat transfer. It is a concentrated solution that gets derived from the white blood cell, organizes for the removal of red blood cells. These plasma platelets work like the cherry on the top and play an imperative role in enhancing the resulting effectiveness.

Additionally, this latest procedure is desirable to maintain the longevity of the result. Most of the professionalists and surgeons suggest this PRP so that the patient may enjoy the young and fresh look for a long time without spending additional money anytime in the future.

One of the best parts of the Nanofat Transfer procedure is that it doesn’t involve any outer material, which makes the method safe without requiring any severe side effects. This most efficient treatment has gained immense popularity among people because it gives better and long-lasting results without involving severe side-effects.

Final Words

Though, as per the discussion, the process is entirely safe with fewer side-effects, but prevention is always preferable to avoid unpleasant situations. That’s why prior research and a complete discussion with the experts can make the procedure more comprehensive for you.

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