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What Everybody Ought to Know About the Santoku Knives

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What Everybody Ought to Know About the Santoku Knives

The Santoku knife is a general-purpose knife with a completely distinct set of features that separates it from the ordinary Chef’s knife.

This kitchen item is popularly used for mincemeat and vegetables. It is a new addition to the Japanese Cutlery set that vividly highlights how the contemporary Western cooking style has somehow made its way into the country.

Though the untrained eye may find the Japanese Santoku knife similar to other kitchen knives, there is still some difference. If you are more interested, read along and find out!

Difference in Size

The most commonly prevailing standard size for a Santoku knife is about 5-8 inches.

Although some other kitchen knives are 3 to 5 inches longer, the former is still generally preferred since it caters to the average hand size of the User.

Part of what makes it even more enjoyable to use is that the size also complements the overall weight and maneuverability. Hence, the Santoku knife is comparably easier to handle than most of the Chef’s knives out there.

Most Japanese Santoku knives are built with high carbon steel, which is good for cutting, mincing, and chopping meat and fish. Try it out for yourself! You can look online for discount deals if you want one.

Single and Double Bevel

When comparing the Santoku knife with the western Chef’s knife, it can be noted that the Santoku comes with a single bevel configuration.

With a lighter 12- 15-degree angle built, it is no wonder that the majority prefers the Santoku knife in making thin slices since it has a configuration specifically for more delicate cutting.

What is even more compelling to try the Santoku knife is that the single bevel feature makes it generally safer and easier to handle than the hefty double-bevelled Chef’s knife.

Best for fine slices and small serving food preparations

As previously mentioned, the Japanese Santoku knife is generally easier to handle when making fine cuts and small slices. The knife also has a short length compared to the Standard Chef’s knife size, making it ideal cutlery for dicing fruits and vegetables.

If you are somehow interested in making Japanese cuisines and want to chop off some seasonal ingredients, then this knife is right for you!

No Bolster Build

What makes the Japanese Santoku knife stand out from the rest of kitchen knives is that it usually doesn’t come with a bolster (a thick metal junction between the blade and the handle).

Although the bolster itself adds more durability to the item, it also adds more weight, which is not needed when you intend to make more delicate cuts or small slices for a particular dish.

Granton Edges

One of the few things which makes the Santoku Knife a unique kitchen item is that it may also come with Granton edges.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, Granton edges are those small indented parts that help reduce drag and friction whenever you are making cuts. It also makes the cutting easier since the residual food items will not stick through the blade.

If you want to have an easy cooking experience, consider buying the Japanese Santoku knife! It is a cost-efficient and practical choice for those who want to have hassle-free cooking!

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