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What Features To Include In The Fitness Center Membership Software?

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Since the fitness industry is gaining popularity with each passing day, it has become mandatory for every center to incorporate proper technology so that the business can be run smoothly and efficiently. This is why several fitness centers have already implemented the use of automated applications to control the finances, logs, entry and exit of the members, and so on. One such efficient and most essential application that your gym should have is the membership software.

It is a special platform where all the details of the members will be stored, and the members will have access to all the features of your fitness center starting from the new application generation to payment of the monthly membership fee. However, since a membership program is so essential for a business, you need to ensure that you have included all the essential features into it.

For this reason, we are here to walk you through some of the most crucial features of a fitness center membership software that you should include, no matter what.

Fitness Center Membership Software
Fitness Center Membership Software

Member Database For Recording All Information

The first feature you need to add to the software is a database. You can either use the cloud database to store all the information units on online storage system or you can you use PLSQL database for storing the data. No matter what you use, having a database is essential since this is the place where everything will be stored, starting from the details of the members to all the payments he has made, the monthly attendance timesheet, and others. Also, with a proper database feature in the fitness center membership software, you will be able to gather more information via data mining which will help you to learn your business in a better way.

Payment Management Portal

The next feature to add in the fitness center membership software is the payment portal. You need to ensure that the members can pay all the bills and other essential fee on time and that too without missing a reminder. This can only be done if you already have integrated such a payment system within the membership platform. Also, for better functioning, you can add other payment screens for digital payments which will bring in more success for your business.

New Application Feature

Next thing you need to make sure is that the fitness center membership software has a new application feature. Obviously, the ultimate job will be done from your end which will involve reviewing the application and then accepting it along with the payment fees. But the initial step will be done by the person who wants to join your fitness center as a new applicant. With your software, he or she will be able to file an application just from the phone and deposit the fees. Once the request will be logged in your system, you will be able to accept the request and proceed further. This is one of the most important features that every membership application should have.

Proper Communication Portal

There should be a proper communication portal on the fitness center membership software. This is to ensure that your members can find no difficulty in communicating with you. You need to include mail as an option for communication because that’s the most efficient process. You can also include a Chabot if you want to keep the members engaged. Apart from that, some software designs have ticket features where members can lock a complaint or an issue and it will be directly stored in the database for you to solve.


Even though it is very essential that your fitness center membership software has all these features, make sure that the application is well protected. For this, make sure that you have included authentication feature and maintained the security from the backend. Rest assured, with proper membership software, you will be able to make your business more lucrative.

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