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What Happened When I Decided to Get Rid of My Gadgets?

by Soft2share.com

The relentless march of technology means that devices, gadgetry and gizmos can often become obsolete before you’ve even peeled the protective film from your screen. If like many other people, you need to upgrade as soon as the latest update is released, you could be amassing a treasure trove of gadgets at home. Of course the people you live with may see it differently; rather than seeing a time capsule charting the evolution of the Sony Playstation or the iPad, they see a collection of dusty boxes containing toys that are not played with anymore.


When the collection is too big

Once your stash of gadgetry becomes so large that you’re almost considering building an extension to house it, as the loft is starting to creak, it could well be time to take a deep breath and part with some of your old tech. As much as it hurts, selling your old gadgets online can actually feel cathartic, plus the cash bounty you receive can go straight towards the next must-have upgrade!

Once the first step is taken and the value of your gadgets has been appraised, the rest is comparatively straight forward. In fact, it felt good to recycle my iPhone, PS3 and other old gadgets; not only was I appeasing my wife and clearing much needed space in the house, but the cash raised is all going in the pot for a new iPad.

Explaining the process

If you have taken the decision to downsize your collection, finding the best way to recycle your old tech and get the best deal for it is important. Of course there are many avenues you can go down; traditional high street second hand shops, online auction or listing sites, or even the old fashioned card in the newsagent’s window. Many of these methods for selling your old phone or console rely on quite a lot of donkey work on your behalf, traipsing along to the newsagent’s or dealing with innumerable questions and phone calls from interested parties and timewasters alike.

Recycling your gadgetry online can be so much simpler, with guaranteed valuations and stress free collection of your items.

Firstly, you need to answer a few questions about the make, model, colour and description of your device. For some items like laptops, there are a few more variables than an item like an iPhone. This information is used to calculate the value of your items, which if you accept, are arranged to be collected by a local courier at a convenient time. It is incredibly important to answer all questions about your item accurately, especially when it comes to the condition, in order to achieve the valuation that you are quoted.

Within a few days you can expect to receive a cheque or even direct payment into your bank account. The funds raised could even be donated to charity if you’re feeling generous!

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