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What is a mental health care plan?

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What is a mental health care plan?

Mental Health Care Plan is a plan your doctor writes about treating and managing a mental health condition.

It enables you to reach some allied health professionals, such as psychologists, social workers, or occupational therapists who can provide you with psychological support.

Mental health care plans are part of the Better Access the initiative, which aims to improve access to mental health care services through Medicare.

Am I eligible for a mental health care plan?

You are eligible for a mental health care plan if you have a mental illness or mental disorder that has been diagnosed by a doctor.

If you have mental health problems but have not been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, you will need to see your doctor for a mental health assessment to determine whether you qualify for a mental health care plan.

What is a healthcare discount and how long will I be back?

Medicare is deducted when Medicare reimburses a portion of the cost of your appointment. If you have received a referral for a mental health care plan from your GP, this enables you to claim a healthcare discount of $ 84.80 for a general psychiatrist or $ 124.50 for a clinical psychiatrist at the session.

If you are not eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan, you may be eligible for an Enhanced Initial Care Plan (EPC). With the EPC plan, you’ll get a discount of $ 52.95. These amounts are set by Medicare.

How can I claim my Medicare discount?

Most of the time, your judgment can be addressed right after completing a session with a psychologist. You will be prompted to pay the total cost of the appointment first and then the refund can be processed.

You will need to have your Medicare card and debit card (refunds cannot be processed by credit cards) with you to complete the discount, so please make sure to bring them with you when you bring your appointment in order to receive your refunds in the region.

Alternatively, you can claim your Medicare discount online at the myGov website.

How much am I out of the pocket?

“Gap fees” or “out of pocket” costs will depend on the psychiatrist’s fees. With the referral of the GP, you still have to pay the difference between the session’s psychiatrist fees and the Medicare discount. This amount will vary.

It is best to ask for a “gap fee” when booking your appointment.

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