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Things You Need to Know about Australian State Sponsorship Visa

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An Australian State-sponsored business visa holder is entitled to stay in Australia as a permanent resident for a period of 5 years for incurring a new or existing business.

The visa was designed to give you immigrant’s permission to set up a business in Australia, contributing to its economic development. Although it can be compared to some extent Australian skilled migrant work visas, the state sponsorship visa considers much more towards the sustainability of holders in Australia.

state sponsorship business visa

State nomination helps you get a skilled migration visa from the Australian Government. The Australian State Government nominates skilled migrants who are willing to work and live in Australia and who have the necessary skills and experience by the state.

If a migrant business is making money and they are successful, then it is completely beneficial to the country, and state-sponsored business visa is a way for the Australian government to enable these companies to live and to make sure that entrepreneur who is established in Australia is performing an economically practical activity.

Immigrants who enter the country on Australian work visas can eventually apply for a state-sponsored business visa if they spend their time developing and executing their own business. Because there are many situations that need to be completed and many applications need to be made before this visa so it is not possible to enter Australia on State-sponsored business for the first time.

How to get a state-sponsorship business visa?

Assume that Australian skilled migrant workers enter Australia on Australian work visas, culminate in starting your own business and then understand the terms of your visa.  This is the situation in which you can reach even if or not you will be eligible to upgrade your Australian skilled Migrant work visa to a state-sponsored business visa.

In fact, visa applications in Australia at the time of your application are very important for prospects of getting a state-sponsored visa – only certain types of temporary workers are eligible to apply for the visa. As mentioned earlier, many applications are required for this visa – you will need to apply to the State Authority to apply for your sponsorship before you start applying for a visa, police clearance and medical examination is also necessary to get the visa.

Your annual turnover will be examined and your business’s net worth and performance will also be decided as part of your visa application.

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What are the benefits of this visa?

On a state-sponsored business visa, you will be allowed to stay in Australia as a permanent resident for 5 years. You can include your family in your application, or even sponsor them to join later and they can join Australia, where they have the right to work or study. Although you and your family will have access to the Australian National Health Service system, you will not be eligible for either social security or family support.

Once you live in Australia as a permanent resident for a period of 3 years, you become eligible to apply for permanent residence – you will be able to become an Australian citizen and receive an Australian passport, as well as register for safety and as mentioned earlier the Family Assistance Benefit.

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