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What Is Flexible Welding Cable and How Can It Be Used?

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In today’s world, many of the items that we rely on and use daily are a result of a successful welding project. Like most things, a successful project requires having the right skills and tools for the job. That could not be truer than in most trade professions where few things could be more important than welding cable.

What is Welding?
Welding is a method used to permanently join metals together and transform them into a single piece, which makes the item being welded more solid and durable. Most things in our daily lives have been welded in one form or another,making welding vital to our country’s industry and economy.

What is Welding Cable?
Welding cable is a specially designed type of cable for motors, generators, etc., that comes in a variety of styles and gauges. Made from stranded bundles of copper wire that has been tightly packed and insulated, this cable allows the transfer of power needed to create a weld on a project. Welding cable has been designed to be very durable and extremely flexible so that it can withstand vigorous use in whatever industry welding is performed. Welding cable is very versatile and can be used in both the private and industrial sectors for anything that requires a weld as well as in various other projects.

How is Welding Cable Different?
Welding cable is different than other cables in a variety of ways. The first of these differences can be found in the durability that welding cable has been designed to have as its main feature. A durable cable is extremely important since most welding takes place in large-scale industrial environments where vigorous and constant use would wear other cables out quickly and in an unsafe manner. The durable design of welding cable allows the cable to remain flexible while protecting itself from abrasions, burns, and exposure to oil and water.

The second difference can found in the flexibility of the cable. Flexible Welding Cable is very important since most welding projects will need the welder to move freely throughout the shop. The flexibility of welding cable allows for this needed ease of movement without breaking down the cable. The strand count in the wire, as well as the rubber insulation, increases the flexibility of the cable, giving the user a durable and flexible cable for their welding projects.

Other Uses for Welding Cable:
Since welding cable is known for its durability and flexibility, there are a few industries that are not related to welding where this cable can be used. Flexible welding cable has been found to be the perfect cable for things such as battery cables, inverter cables, as well as pendant and reeling cables for cranes.

In addition to those uses, flexible welding cable has also found a home in the performance industry where the flexibility and durability of the cable makes it a perfect cable for setting up large-scale lighting and sound systems.

Another main user of welding cable would be the solar industry. Solar power relies heavily on the transfer of power from the panels to the converters and batteries and the flexibility and durability design of this cable makes it an easy choice for this industry.

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