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What Is Laser Bonding Technology? Why Is It Better Than Laser Engraving?

by Soft2share.com

While you might be familiar with laser engraving and etching, here we’re going to introduce you to laser bonding which is an unconventional yet efficient marking method that you might not have heard of before.

The rise in laser marking technologies has led to an increased demand for a robust, technology-enabled solution for the marking needs of the manufacturers and consumers. Laser bonding is exactly what you need to consider. Wondering what is laser bonding technology? How it is better than the conventional marking methods?

Read on! In this article, we’ll make you aware of the prominent concept of laser bonding.

What Exactly Is Laser Bonding Technology?

The persistent removal of the material as observed in laser engraving and etching has prompted concerns among industrialists regarding the long-term mark performance. Unlike traditional methods, laser bonding is an additive process which means it adds material to the surface as opposed to removing or affecting its structural integrity.

It is the most versatile of the laser marking technologies and produces permanent, high-resolution marks on the substrate without impacting its surface. Eager to know what’s the principle behind it?

It’s simple!                                       

Laser energy directed from a high-end laser system is absorbed by the material which is an ultimate source of affixing the marking agent onto the substrate surface. This is how a high contrast mark is produced on the object that has proven to last permanently.

Above all, this marking technology affords high performance with no safety concerns and environmental impact.

Why Is Laser Bonding Better Than The Conventional Methods?

It is superior to all other marking methods in terms of mark:

  • Permanence
  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Contrast, &
  • Resolution

Besides, the mark quality remains intact even when the material is subjected to harsh environmental, chemical, and mechanical stresses such as exposure to extreme heat, cold, acids, bases, organic solvents, and sheer force.


For parts that are modeled together and/or those that are manufactured running a separate batch, laser marking has become the long-term propeller of product identification and traceability. With Laserbond100 marking spray, you can get lasting marks on a variety of materials including:

  • Metals
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Stone

Final Thoughts

From marking industrially manufactured parts and instruments to making use of the technology for personal use, laser bonding is your go-to solution for creating high-quality marks on your desired surface.

We anticipate you’re pretty clear with what is laser bonding technology, what makes it different, and what substrates can be marked with it.

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