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What is Salesforce & What Makes It So Popular?

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Salesforce is considered the most influential cloud CRM vendor, the SaaS model has become popular and thus disrupted the business technology industry at the beginning of this millennium. The company has gone beyond sales automation and CRM, offering a wide range of business solutions tailored to your specific type of business, industry, or need.

You’re here probably because you want to learn more about Salesforce and its products. Thus, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Salesforce products. After reading this, you will gain insight into how Salesforce-managed products, such as Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud, among others, can help any business grow.

We hope our information will help you narrow down your search and determine which products are right for your business. It’s always better to get your employees skilled up with Salesforce training to get in-house professionals to handle everything.

Salesforce & CRM

Marc Benioff founded the first cloud computing company, Salesforce, in 1999. Initially, installing and maintaining this software required specialized engineers and upfront investment. Only after proper installation users were able to access the software within a company. But thanks to cloud computing, it has become extremely user-friendly and convenient to use, like Spotify.

All you have to do is log into your account and start using the software.

Salesforce is leading the market by providing its CRM software, which is dominating almost 20% of the market. Salesforce CRM allows organizations to handle their CRM activities. It records, tracks, stores, and processes customers’ detail.

Salesforce Products

Salesforce offers a variety of products that provide end-to-end business solutions, but Salesforce CRM is the major offering on the Salesforce platform. Whether it is a small business or large, it would have a vast amount of data to store and process in order to support the customer’s needs. Salesforce training for different products is given worldwide and trained people then handle it and make businesses prosper.

With Salesforce, you need just one system to fulfill all your needs related to customers, which in other words called “360° customer view.” An amazing thing about Salesforce products is you can use them with one another as they are built on a single platform. Here are some Salesforce products you should definitely explore.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud was one of the first Salesforce CRM products and probably their most popular one too. This product supports an organization’s sales team to guide their potential customers through their sales cycle and also facilitates them to process leads. Salesforce designed the sales cloud for B2B businesses; however, several B2C businesses are also using it due to its wide range of features. Some of these features include:

  • Contact Management
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Opportunity Management
  • Partner Management
  • Quoting
  • Territory Management
  • Workflows & Approvals

Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud specializes as a customer service product that provides personalized support to customers to get in touch with a company through various channels such as phone, email, or live chat. It further facilitates customer agents with all relevant details that can help in resolving customer’s issues. Besides, it also provides a self-service portal that enables your customers to look for answers themselves, reducing case volume. Features of Service Cloud include:

  • Live Chat
  • Ticket Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Service Analytics
  • Queue Management
  • Service Process & Automation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a cloud digital marketing platform that facilitates businesses to connect with their customers. It helps the marketers to reach the right customers via SMS, email, advertising, and social platforms. Marketing cloud makes it easier for businesses to cover each customer interaction and guide them one-on-one throughout the journey with efficiency. Some key features include:

  • Customer Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Engagement In Real-Time
  • Messaging And Push Notifications
  • Email & Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Engagement & Advertising

The above-mentioned products are the three most popular Salesforce products; however, it is not only limited to these. Some other Clouds offered by this leading tech company include Community Cloud, Integration Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Analytics Cloud.

Why is Salesforce So Popular?

Salesforce sits at the top with many reputable companies such as Cisco and Hilton, and in 2020, it was hailed as one of the best companies to work in due to its amazing company culture. Not only in the USA but also across the world, it has been regarded as a top innovator company. All thanks to its amazing CRM space that allows businesses to flourish. Here are some unique ways Salesforce training innovated the world of CRM, which led to its popularity:

Salesforce Platform

As discussed earlier, Salesforce has a single yet unified platform that allows you to use all of their products from Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud. However, the Salesforce platform also facilitates businesses with all necessary tools to develop their own applications.

It takes personalized experience to whole another level. By allowing you to build apps for any of your departments in any language for any device, using a point-and-click interface (low code), it automates an organization’s processes making them more efficient.

Salesforce AppExchange

This is another amazing idea implemented by Salesforce, which provides cloud-computing apps, consulting services, and solutions. Think of it as App Store or Google Play Store, which contains hundreds and thousands of apps available at a single click. No matter what kind of application or solution you require, simply search it on app exchange and download it. AppExchange helps to enrich your CRM data, extending the functionality of Salesforce.

Salesforce Mobile App

Considering the requirement of users, to access data anywhere at any time, Salesforce introduced its mobile app. Unlike other mobile apps that allow only 5% of full functionality, Salesforce mobile app allows accessing complete information. Besides, you can build a custom-branded mobile app in a fraction of the time, or you can add custom actions to the current app based on your requirements.


This article would have helped you learn more about Salesforce, how it works, which products it offers, and what makes it so famous. Whether you want to pursue your career by getting Salesforce training or want to get it for your business, you won’t regret your decision. Salesforce definitely offers solutions to your business problems.

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