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What Is the Best Way to Read Manga?

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When it comes to reading manga, there are multiple ways that you can go about it. You can get the copy of a manga from the market, you can read manga on your PC, laptop or even your phone. But the question is, which one of these ways is the best for reading manga online?

In this article, we are going to review the most common ways of reading manga and their pros and cons, so that you can see for yourself which one works the best for you. 

Here are the ways you can read manga

  • Reading Manga with a Physical Copy
  • Reading Manga Via Desktop Web Browsers
  • Reading Manga on your Smartphone

Reading Physical Manga Prints

You can read manga by getting a copy from it from a comic book or a manga store. You can also get manga from Amazon. Reading manga this way offers you a smooth and peaceful manga reading experience. You won’t need an internet connection for reading manga. You’d have permanent access to the manga of your choice unlike reading manga online on mangstream or mangafox.  

Although reading manga via a printed copy is great, it can create portability issues. Plus, the effort you have to put in for getting the manga is also a problem. These are the most common problems associated with reading manga via a print.     


  • Rich Manga Reading Experience
  • No Need for a Smartphones or Internet Connection
  • Read manga whenever you want to
  • All time access to your favorite manga  


  • Hassle for getting the manga
  • Not easy to carry around when traveling
  • You need to make space for keeping the manga
  • Ordering manga online can take a lot of time to arrive
  • Physical Printed manga is always paid and never free

Reading Manga on Desktop Web Browsers

You can visit online websites for reading manga online using your PC or laptop. You can use the web browser on your computer device to access the popular websites reading manga. Sites like mangastream are easily available and are accessible 24/7. These websites offer an easy way of reading manga online.

You need an active internet connection for reading manga. If you don’t have the internet, you won’t be able to read manga online. Also, computers and laptops are also not so easily portable. So, you’d have limited access to manga in terms of the portability.     


  • Free, Fast and easy access to manga 24/7
  • No need to go to the manga store
  • Safe and Secure manga reading experience
  • No Need to purchase manga
  • Relatively portable than printed manga
  • Doesn’t need space in your physical world    


  • Free manga websites contain ads
  • Active internet connection is always needed
  • A web browser is also required 

Reading Manga on Mobile Devices

Reading manga on smartphone devices offers a more interactive user experience. You can use these devices to read manga online. You can install online manga apps, or you can use your mobile web browser to visit the websites such as mangastream for reading manga online. You can find the best websites for reading manga that offer excellent mobile user experience at Past News. Once you are onto these sites, you can use them to read manga on your smartphone.

With smartphone devices, you still need an active internet connection and a mobile web browser for reading manga. But this is the only catch. Once you have these 2 requirements, you’d be able to read manga anywhere you want to.    


  • Easy accessibility to latest manga
  • Rich manga reading experience
  • Easy portability
  • No need to purchase manga from a store
  • No hassle for registration on paid manga websites
  • Fast and easy manga reading experience
  • Dedicated apps for manga make things easier  


  • Mobile web browser needed
  • Internet connection is needed
  • Small Screen size affects the reading experience   

Final Words All the manga reading mediums that we have talked about here come with their own pros and cons. We believe it is more about personal preference than anything else. So, check out all these ways of reading manga online or offline to see what works the best for you. And if you have any more questions about the best ways for reading manga, let us know in the comments down below.

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