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What is the difference between PTE and IELTS exams?

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Are you confused between the PTE and IELTS exams? Not sure what to take?

The foremost basic differentiation is that IELTS is a written exam based on paper while PTE is computer-based. PTE is accessible on computers only. So which one is best to signify your English language abilities? You need to clear the exam and get good scores because you need it for your education or visa.

Compiled Differentiation Between the PTE and IELTS Exams

1. Test Format


It is a basic training test that attributes everyday English use in the workplace or social place. Test takers can apply for experience in work, higher studies, and training in an English-speaking nation.

The IELTS exam offers a task that tests higher studies or professional entry in a nation speaking English.

  • PTE

PTE utilizes significant English and scholastic tasks to quantify abilities in an incorporated manner. Test takers should take this English exam for education abroad or migration. You can thoroughly experience the format by taking the PTE academic mock test.

2. Acceptance


It is acknowledged universally by in excess of 10,000 enterprises that incorporate colleges, employers, proficient affiliations, and Australian candidates’ visa and migration applications. The IELTS test is the just nonacademic trial of English that is acknowledged for movement to Australia.

  • PTE

The test is recognized all around the globe for application concentration by scholastic programs. It is supported for an Australian candidate visa and relocation application. The PTE test is acknowledged by various expert relationships all throughout the world for listing and evaluation.

3. Speaking segment


In the IELTS test, the speaking module is up close and personal with a human analyst. It was held in a private and silent room with no other candidates. The inspectors may reiterate or rephrase an inquiry on your solicitation in the event that you miss out on any keyword.

  • PTE

In this test, even in the PTE Academic mock test, candidates are tried by their capacity to communicate in English in an academic climate. The candidate needs to read out loud in an apportioned stall with other candidates in the room. Likewise, the receiver in the talking test consequently turns off if a competitor is quiet for over 3 seconds.

4. Navigation


In the IELTS PC conveyed test, you may jump to other questions and return back. Later on, you can finish or check your answer once more.

  • PTE

In the Pearson exam, you can only move ahead in the question. Before moving on to the next query, you should modify your mistake as you can’t return back.

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5. Section time


In IELTS, the maximum time required for all sections is 170 minutes. It is shorter than PTE.

  1. For writing module – 60 minutes
  2. Reading module- 60 minutes
  3. Listening module- 30 to 36 minutes
  4. Speaking module – 11 to 14 minutes

  5. PTE

In PTE, the maximum time required for all sections is 191 minutes.

  1. For speaking and writing module- 77 to 93 minutes
  2. Reading module- 32 to 41 minutes
  3. Listening module – 45 to 57 minutes

6. Scoring scheme


In IELTS, the composition and speaking tests are inspected by English specialists that observe worldwide checking standards. Nonetheless, the reading and listening are auto-stamped.

  • PTE

In PTE, it is a computerized scoring framework. And every one of the segments in this PTE predictions test is scored by the system automatically.

7. Fee


The IELTS fee charge is $355 in Australia.

  • PTE

In the Pearson academic test, the fee structure is similar to IELTS, $355. But if you apply late, you are required to pay $395.

8. Skill evaluation


In IELTS, your reading, composing, talking, and listening abilities are surveyed independently. It implies when you are taking the reading area, it will take a gander at your reading, not talking simultaneously.

  • PTE

There are many coordinated questions in the PTE Predictions test. In the speaking segment, listening and speaking are integrated. Similarly in the reading section, writing and reading are combined. So the entirety of your abilities is surveyed together in this exam.

In conclusion

Which is the best exam, PTE or IELTS? The answer till now is the PTE Academic test. If you desire to score well in the PTE exam you need to choose. There are fewer chances of any mistake because it is evaluated by the system automatically. And you can also aim for a perfect 90 while in IELTS it is impossible to achieve 9 bands.

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