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What is the first thing to do at Umrah

by Muhammad Zubair

Umrah ceremonies are shorter and easier than those of the Hajj. The fundamental actions of Umrah are as follows, Wash your body, put on Ihram clothing, and enter the Ihram (state of cleanliness and dedication). Declare your desire to travel on the pilgrimage by reciting the Talbiyah at the miqat station. Travel to Makkah, enter the Al Masjid Al Haram (Holy Mosque), and do the Tawaf, which involves seven anticlockwise circles around the Kaaba. Walk seven times alongside the Kaaba between the hills of Safa and Marwa. Men leave Ihram at the conclusion of Umrah by shaving their heads (taqseer). You can avail of Umrah packages ManchestertoperformUmrah.

Umrah Has Four Crucial Elements:

Umrah comprises four primary rituals. You must first change into Ihram garments before the Miqat.               Then, you must do two Rakahs of Salah and make your Niyyah as the Miqat draws near. Finally, you must repeatedly recite the Talbiyah. You then conduct two Rakahs of Salah, ideally close to Maqam Ibrahim, after Tawaf al-Umrah of the Kaaba. You then do Sai of Safa and Marwah. In order to exit Ihram and finish your Umrah, you finally shave (Halq) or shorten (Taqsir) your hair.

Physical Excellence:

Before putting on the Ihram clothes, take care of your personal hygiene by trimming your nails and shaving the hair from your armpits and behind your navel. The next action is to do Ghusl, a Sunnah that is strongly advised for those who wish to enter the state of Ihram. Wudhu will suffice if you are unable to do Ghusl. As long as it stays off of their Ihram clothes, men are permitted to apply attar (fragrance) on their heads and beards. You should finish all of this at home before your flight (if you’re flying).

Ihram Clothing:

You will next change into your Ihram clothing, which for males consists of two pieces of fabric that are typically white, clean, and seamless. The Rida is the term for the sheet that is thrown over the top body like a shawl, and the Izar is the term for the sheet that covers the lower body and wraps around the waist. The heel and ankle shouldn’t be covered by sandals.

Make sure you are dressed in Ihram before entering the allocated Miqat. It is advisable to change into your Ihram at the airport before departure or during a layover if you have one as you will probably be flying to Saudi Arabia. Check in first, then freshen up in the lavatory or prayer room. You can also put on your Ihram while you’re flying, but keep in mind that airline toilets typically have very little room and that there may be a rush of others trying to do the same thing as the Miqat draws near. If you want to don Ihram on the flight, make sure to do so at least an hour before the Miqat is crossed.

Islamic Travel also provide the good suggestions for the Umrah Pilgrims. We have good relations which the shopkeepers of garments in the Saudi Arabia and in the UK as well. You can purchase the Ihram clothing from the United Kingdom as well. You have to find the Muslim dressing Garments shops in the various cities of the Great Britain.

Don’t transgress the Ihram prohibitions:

You can wait to declare your intention till the Miqat is close by. Just before crossing, take off any garment items, like as socks, hats and pants, that may still be on you and are prohibited by Ihram.

There is no set clothing code for women to follow. Normal Islamic modest attire is required, along with a head covering of any color. Although socks are permitted, hands and faces must always be visible.

Salah al-Ihram:

It is Sunnah to offer two Rakahs of prayer before to going into Ihram. If there are prayer facilities on board, this can be done after changing at the airport or while in flight before crossing the Miqat.  With the goal of completing two Rakahs Nafl for Ihram, observe the prayer.

The prayer may be observed with the head covered as long as you are not yet in Ihram. Although other Surahs may be read, it is advised to recite Surah al-Kafirun in the first Rakah and Surah al-Ikhlas in the second. Make Dua after this Salah, don’t forget.

Niyyah: If possible, make the Niyyah for Umrah as you approach the Miqat or in close proximity to it. In order to avoid being constrained by its restrictions for any longer than necessary, you should postpone forming the intention until the very last minute. It is advised that you state your purpose both aloud and again inside. Umrah December 2023 LondoncanavailtoperformUmrahthisyear.

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