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What Is The Future Of 4g Phones After Launched 5g Phones In India?

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The 5G technology is a much talked about topic in India. After the success of 4G, this technological leap is expected to bring in a new revolution in the Indian mobile market. Most of our readers would be very eager to know about the future of 4G phones after the launch of 5G phones in India. 

Here, we will discuss how 5G phones will replace the existing phones. Plus, we will also discuss how to use your 4G phones after the 5G rollout. Readers who are worried about their 4G phones’ fate let us tell them in advance that they would still be able to use their old handsets. 

However, they will not be able to enjoy 5G speed with mobile phones under 10000 4G. Around 10% of all phones sold in India in 2021 will be 5G compatible. Approximate 3 million units have already been shipped to India. In 2021, there will be a large number of 5G under 10000 mobile handsets.

Some of the other essential points to be considered regarding 4G and 5G phones in India

  • 4G handsets will still be useful β€“ Yes, 5G networks do not imply that your 4G handsets will become obsolete. All network carriers will allow their users to use 4G and 5G simultaneously. However, the 4G phones will not enjoy the speed and scalability of its successor! 5G telephony will render very high-speed internet access to mobile phones. 
  • No need to panic for 5G phones β€“ There is no 5G network in India yet! Thus, you need not panic and purchase a 5G handset immediately. For the time being, your existing smartphone is sufficient for calling and data usage. The complete 5G rollout will not take place before the end of the year 2022. It is one of the significant reasons mobile manufacturers are not actively promoting 5G handsets in India. They understand that the infrastructure is still not available to support and implement large scale 5G networks.
  • Network Trials by telecom companies β€“ There has not been a single 5G network trial till date. However, Realme and iQoo have launched two 5G handsets in India. It is a feeble response compared to the previous transformation from 2G/3G to 4G. Thus, we will not witness any panic buy in recent times.
  • 5G in pipeline β€“ The 5G spectrum prices are too high in our country. It has slowed down 5G rollovers significantly in India. A large number of debt-ridden network carriers have postponed 5G rollouts till 2022.

It is estimated that by 2023, only 5% of mobile phone users will use 5G. The rest of the mobile industry would be dominated by 4G smartphones. Hence, the USP of modern 5G smartphones will remain dormant for some time.

How would I benefit from 5G?

Our readers must understand the benefits of 5G before buying 5G phones. We have covered some crucial advantages of 5G networks and their implication on human life.

  • Extreme High Speed for Business β€“ The high-speed internet will scale up many business applications and accommodate a large number of users. Hence, the smartphone will act as a miniature server and respond to multiple inquiries simultaneously. The same benefits will be enjoyed by tablet users connected to 5G networks. Small businesses relying on human networks will harness the tremendous power of the internet.
  • IoT β€“ IoT or Internet of Things is a network of connected devices that users can control from a single console like a smartphone. The IoT applications will see a significant boost with 5G networks. Likewise, many users will be able to connect their devices with their smartphones. Soon, we will see smart home concepts being implemented in Indian homes. 
  • Workspace and 5G β€“ The workspace will see a significant transformation with 5G. people working from remote locations would be able to utilize the potential of high-speed internet for business presentations and communications. It will also help an international business to thrive under a single chain of connected 5G networks. They will communicate with each other and access high-speed applications instantly through robust 5G networks.

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