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What is the Job of a Copywriter?

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Still relatively little known, the profession of copywriter or designer-copywriter is nevertheless essential in the business world.

Copywriting is actually a sub-branch of marketing related to web writing. The goal of this discipline is to offer web content and editorial quality for brands using the best content strategy.

This textual corpus can be used to boost sales, for example by writing slogans, of short descriptive texts or developing a corporate vocabulary. Overall, the role of the designer-copywriter will be above all to define a set of representations of a brand by words and succeed in convincing customers or future partners of the identity of a product.

The Missions of the Designer- Copywriter

The heart of a copywriter’s job is, not surprisingly, writing. Unlike a journalist, writer, lyricist, or researcher, the content sought is for promotional purposes. The mission of these editors will be to create desire, to translate a brand image, to create an editorial line or a speech that corresponds to a client or an organization. The objective of a copywriter will also be to ensure an excellent referencing of writing services as Essay Writing service and that it is relevant in the editorial strategy.

The copywriter, like web editors, can work in agencies, be freelance or self-employed depending on his qualities.

In particular, he must:

  • Design slogans
  • Write advertising texts
  • Write internal and external emails
  • Develop newsletters
  • Create textual content for web pages
  • Write promotional articles
  • Produce sales pages (content marketing)
  • Community management
  • Define a vocabulary and communication style
  • Imagine an editorial charter
  • Maximize natural referencing (SEO)
  • Analyze the impact of texts

The essential qualities and skills

To become a copywriter, you need to be a good copywriter, master the language with finesse and above all know how to express ideas and concepts with the right number of words.

Since the copywriter must often produce an action (buy, click, reply, read …) following reading his content, he must have direct and inclusive writing.

In addition, the transmission of pictorial ideas is central in this profession, this professional must necessarily be a creative person in order to always renew himself, as much in his literary style as in his contents.

The copywriter must also be a good analyst in order to target the expectations of a brand by adjusting to a specific audience. For that, he will have to find the right balance between innovation and convention. Having a broad general culture will therefore be absolutely essential.

By using references, styling effects, and marketing techniques, the copywriter will be as effective as possible in his work.

Courses to become a Copywriter

There are very few best online copywriting course to become a good copywriter. However, to practice as a copywriter it is often expected to have a rather high level of studies (BAC + 3 or BAC + 5) although this is not compulsory. It can be useful to have followed a course in marketing, communications, journalism or letters.

There are also some professional copywriting training as well as some specialized modules in communication schools.

Here are a few examples:

  • BAC + 2
  • BTS Communication
  • DUT Communication
  • Tray 3
  • Modern Letters License
  • Communication License
  • Marketing license
  • Bachelor Advertising
  • Bachelor Web marketing
  • BAC + 5
  • Master in Digital Communication
  • Master of Letters

Specialized Digital Communication Master

  • BAC + 6
  • MBA Marketing
  • MSc Advertising

Please note, none of these courses will grant you the title of “copywriter”. They can, however, be an added value, or even a useful skill base for this profession.

It is, therefore, necessary to train yourself and if possible have already published content in order to be able to show what your real writing skills are.

Salary and professional development prospects

The salary of a copywriter varies a lot depending on the agency in which he works. However, a beginner’s income is around $2000 and can increase up to $2500 per month. For a confirmed copywriter or at the end of his career, the salary will certainly be between $4500 and $6000 per month.

After an experience in copywriting, it is possible to progress in the field of advertising, marketing, communication or even social networks. The skills accumulated during his activity can be useful in many sectors, because writing is universal in the professional world.

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