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What Is The Right Age To Get Your Child A Cellphone?

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Technology has changed the face of our living standards and today the cell phone devices have become the essential part of our lives. Even the young children have their rights to own cell phone gadgets.

Because it is necessary for them these days to use the smartphones to have text messages and phone calls in order to tell parents that am here at school waiting for you to pick me up and take me home.

Furthermore, they also need cell phone devices for school updates such as notes and other activities via social media apps and they also want to connect with their friends to have entertainment for a while.

No matter what, the entertainment is supposed to via communication through social media apps, online games or by sending and receiving the media files such as photos and videos on the digital world.

Well! All these activities on the cell phones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. However, still, there is the number of arguments about what is the right age to get your child a smartphone. There is the number of factors that can lead or guide parents to know when to get your child a cell phone.

Things you need to know before handing over the phone to your child

Sense of responsibility

The time when young kids have created a sense to go the home from the nearest town school and they also have developed such cognitive schools to make call or text message in an emergency. I think this would be the best time for the children to have their own cell phone device. However, they should also know that the importance of the mobile phone device and how their parents have purchased it for him. So, a child gets to know the cell phone is expensive gadget and they need to protect it rather than lose it somewhere outside the house or at school.

Maturity really matters a lot

Maturity is the ultimate key to provide a kid a smartphone device. Kids should know that what is for, why he has it and at what time they can use it and for what reasons. Parents should realize they are going to provide their children such as powerful communication tool that can enable a kid to send or receive text messages, for making phone calls, to use the internet and for what reasons it is good for it and for what things it is vulnerable.

Enable to communicate sensibly

You can give your child a cell phone device, when the children are ready and know better how to communicate via cell phone text messages, cell phone calls, memorize parent’s cell phone numbers and use the cyberspace and social media having fixed the privacy settings. When kids get to know what to share and what not share on the instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, WhatsApp and others alike.

Do’s & Don’ts of cell phone usage

The very important things if kids have in mind the dos and don’ts of the smartphone. The time when they know a cell phone can provide them entertaining stuff such as online games, socialize with the real-life friends via social media. However, they also should know that if they don’t use the smartphone properly they may get health issues due to excessive usage and also can trap by the child abusers and sexual predators if they talk to the strangers. They can use the cell phone when they have knowledge about online privacy at the time when using the social media platforms.

Parents should consider parental control to get a child cell phone


It happens a lot with the young kids that they have taught well by the parents about the use of cell phones and they keep in mind what their parents have taught them. But peer pressure is a kind of factor that can bring your child into real-danger via cyberspace, phone calls and even through text messages. They can get a wrong company of peers and can use cell phone negatively. So, parents need to set parental control before providing kids with the online and real-life dangers.

Parents can use text messages spy to read the text messages sent or received record and listen to the phone calls with secret call recorder of the parental control software. Furthermore, they can monitor social media activities and get to know the logs such as text messages, chat conversations, audio and video conversations and shared media such as photos and videos. The parent can also get to know visited websites and bookmarked websites with browsing history of the parenting app for a phone. Parents can even track the location of a kid in-case of emergency with GPS location tracker.


The parent can provide their kids a cell phone device with start taking responsibilities and to understand advice. But the presence of cell phone parental control app is necessary because being parents you cannot take chances. It is a matter of the security of your child that parents need to perform with responsibility.

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