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What Is the Use of Vibration Table in Packaging Industry?

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What Is the Use of Vibration Table in Packaging Industry?

One of the most important types of instruments required in the packaging industry is the vibration table. Be it an in-house shipping business or testing container before shipping them to their destination, packaging needs to be tested using a vibration table.

Why? Well, that needs a little discussion.

Know, How Vibration Table Works

The vibration table is a kind of testing equipment that can vibrate up and down. This is primarily used to replicate the vibration that occurs in the real world and check if the packaging of a product can actually withstand the force of vibration. 

It is available in various sizes and one can choose the best size depending upon the applications. It can successfully witness how much pressure and vibration can a package take. This enables the shipment facility to find the right solution for each kind of product and then pack them appropriately. 

Transportation by road, water or air affects the products that are shipped. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the package is vibration-proof enough to keep the products packed inside safe and damage-free. Vibrations in the actual world could be of various types and intensity levels. A vibration table is used to simulate such vibrating effects with natural frequencies. This shows if the packaging is good enough or not.

In other words, the vibration table can find the weakness of a particular type of packaging and determines its effectiveness to carry products.

Need for Vibration Table

Every packaging system has some form of cushioning system that protects the product packed inside the package safe and shock-proof. But this cushioning system has its own frequency. And this frequency should not match with the product frequency. That would create damage. 

To minimize the effect of this vibration frequency the packaging has to be absolutely vibration proof. The vibration table is thus used to understand how sensitive a product is and how exactly the package should be done to safeguard the product. The package design has to be formulated keeping in mind the vibration effect. 

From shipping container, performance evaluation to knowing the strength and capacity of packaging, vibration table test is conducted. For instance, in a shipping container, you can put the product to be shipped and then run the vibration test to see the effect. This can be done using rejected products to see the result. Also, dummy tests can be done to get accurate reports. 

Use of Vibration Table Testing

  • At first, one has to place the test specimen on the platform of the vibration table.
  • As the machine starts its work at a given frequency and gradually increasing it, to see how the specimen reacts.
  • This test can be stopped after some time to see if there is any damage. 

Vibration tables give accurate results and are equipped with a control panel and various frequency settings and a digital timer.

It is essential to get the best quality vibration table from the reputed brand. That will give the best possible results without any difficulty. Also, one has to consider the type of products to be tested before getting a vibration table. 

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