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What is Web Development?

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Web development is also known as website development (to make you understand in simpler terms.)

So, Web development largely denotes the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet and internet. The web development process comprises gathering information, Web design, Web content, and network configuration amongst other tasks.

Web Design: In simpler words, it is the process of gathering ideas and artistically arranging and executing them by certain principles for a detailed purpose. It is the parallel process of creation with the intention of presenting the content on electronic web pages.

Web Content: Web content is one of the main reasons that individuals come to your webpage. Basically, it is the textual-visual content that runs as a part of the user experience on the website. It includes Images, Sounds, Videos, and Animations as well.

Network Configuration: Network Configuration is the method of shaping and continuing information about all the modules of a computer network. This configuration comprises the location and network address of all hardware devices following up with the material about the programs.

We can further classified web development into two groups:

Front end development: It is a part of a code, on the front of the application. Front-end development or client-side development usually interacts with the user and presents the data in a proper manner.

Front-end developers are accountable for a website’s user-facing code and the design of the immersive user experiences. In order to implement those intentions, frontend developers must be skillful at three main languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Back end development: In much simpler words, it is never visible to the user, it generates the results. The core responsibilities of backend development are, sending the contact forms, editing page content, and signing from the newsletter. The back end of a website comprises a server, an application, and a database. A backend developer shapes and maintains the technology that powers those components, it enables the user-facing side of the website to even be in the first place.

Therefore, the Backend developer receives and frontend developer’s implements.

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