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What It Takes and what it means to be a Python Developer

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Python is one of those programming languages that do not require any introduction. Currently it ranks among the top programming languages in the Information Technology sector. The demand for a Python Certification continues to grow at par with the demand for skilled programmers who can code using the language. 

In order to become a successful Python Developer, any aspiring programmer or developer needs to know and understand Python in detail, about the roles and responsibilities one has to conduct, the discipline it takes to keep updated with the latest trends in the industry and finally about the professional and financial prospects of choosing a career as a Python developer. 

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Python: A Brief Overview

Python is a programming language that is multi looking, serves multiple purposes, high-level interpreted language. It allows programmers to choose from a variety of programming styles in order to create simple or complex programs, obtaining results much faster than other available languages. Coding in Python has been described to bear resemblance with speaking in a human language. Popular applications and systems such as Google, YouTube, Maya, BitTorrent, Google App Engine and several others have employed the use of Python in their developmental process. 

Python is used in the following areas of application development:

  • Python Web Development
  • Python App Development
  • Python Game Development
  • Data Science
  • Developmental projects on IoT
  • Machine Learning

And the list goes on…

Key features of Python as a programming language:

  • It is free to use, dynamically typed and open source
  • Being an object oriented language, Python is much easier to learn 
  • GUI Programming support is offered
  • High-level and offers portability
  • A language that is integrated and interpreted
  • Huge Library support

Who or what is a Python Developer?

A software developer, A data scientist, a web developer, a data analyst, a machine learning engineer, an AI engineer- anyone of them having in depth knowledge of Python can be a Python developer.That which will determine who will be assigned for a particular task is dependent on how skilled the individual is in any one of these areas which be necessary for a given project.

The job of a Python Developer would be to ensure high-end performance to the users by developing the server-side logic. They need to be adept at front-end technologies, so that they can develop the back-end components after integrating their work with the Python application. A Python Crash Course will help aspirants to gather a sense of all this information in a good manner.

Becoming a Python Developer

A successful Python Developer is a lucrative choice for a successful career. 

Here are some of the tips that will help an aspiring developer:

  • It is important to build one’s own GitHub repository, so that it functions more as a repository.
  • Codes should be easily readable, well documented and must follow proper coding standards 
  • Reading books on technology and study nicely developed peer code 
  • Getting to know Python Library better as it helps in increasing technology skill set
  • Be proficient in AI and ML as they compliment Python in many ways
  • Work on good freelancing projects
  • Contribute to open source communities like GitHub

Responsibilities of a Python Developer

  • Writing codes that are efficient, scalable, reusable and testable
  • There would be business necessities that need to be understood, feature modification requests that require analysis and ideas that need to be converted into software components. 
  • A developer can integrate user centric elements into different applications and data storage solutions.
  • A Python developer has the responsibility of developing the backend components to ensure enhanced performance and receptivity on the user’s part. 
  • Develop server side logic and platform, learning models based on statistical representations and super responsive web applications.
  • Knowledge of designing and implementing applications having high availability. 
  • Must have an all round sense of data protection and security measures.
  • Knowing how to work on performance tuning and application automation
  • Knowing how to use Python test framework tools such as BEhave, Pytest, PyUnit etc to debug and test softwares.
  • Developing digitals tools for monitoring online traffic
  • Working with NumPy, Pandas and other libraries on Python
  • Knowledge on how to develop predictive models for AI and ML based applications
  • Staying updated on latest industry trends
  • Develop AI and ML based algorithms and fin-tune them based on the results

Skills necessary for becoming a Python Developer 

Technical skills are a must and being proficient in a number of them allows one to master the designation of a Python Developer. Here is a set of skills that are technical in nature and extremely important for a developer to possess.

  • Proficiency in Django, Flask and other such Python frameworks is a must.
  • Knowledge of Web Frameworks and RESTful APIs are necessary skills.
  • Core Python programming and other fundamentals
  • Knowledge of Databases
  • Proficient in code packaging, release and deployment
  • Circles, control statements and conditionals
  • Proficiency in server-side languages such as Mako and others
  • Knowledge of Git, SVN, etc.

Apart from mastering these sets of skills , there are some concepts of which a fundamental understanding is essential for anyone aspiring to become a Python Developer. These are as follows:

  • JS, CSS3, HTML5 and other such frontend technologies should be well understood
  • Visualization of data, understanding of statistics and data analytics
  • Proficiency in Object Relational Mapper Libraries
  • Excellent testing and debugging capabilities
  • Ability to integrate data sources and databases into one unified system.

The exercise of soft skills is highly recommended. Effective communication skills are necessary for expressing of ideas. Thinking analytically, collaborating with teams, presentation skills, public speaking abilities etc are very important and help a candidate stand out from the crowd. The importance and significance of creativity, originality and thinking out of the box is paramount in these designations. Learning to code is as important as to have a vision and to understand it.

Geographical locations, skill set, and demand are some of the factors that tell how much salary a developer can get. However, the average salary for Python developers in India ranges from 4.5 lacs to more than 1 Cr based on the level of seniority.  

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