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What Items Should You Never Store in a Garage?

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When storage space is limited, it can be tempting to use your garage as an additional storage area. However, there are certain items that should never be stored in a garage to protect them from damage and deterioration. Items such as food, metal objects, electronics and chemicals should not be stored in a garage due to the high temperature and humidity levels. In addition, combustible materials and items that are sensitive to temperature changes should also be avoided.

For those living in Australia and looking for an alternative storage solution, over bonnet storage in Brisbane can provide a great way to store items of all sizes without compromising on safety or security. Over bonnet storage units come with a range of different features including the ability to lock items away and keep them secure.

With good planning and careful thought, you can make the most out of your space and keep all of your items in a secure location. By taking the time to prepare your garage in advance, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are protected from harm. It’s important to make sure that your items are properly stored so they don’t become damaged or ruined by extreme temperatures, humidity or pests. By carefully following these guidelines and taking the time to prepare your garage accordingly, you can help keep all of your belongings safe and secure.

Regardless of the storage solutions you choose, there are certain items that should never be stored in a garage. Remember to avoid storing any of the following items:

– Food items: It’s important to never store food items in the garage as they can attract pests and other unwanted visitors. Any food products such as canned goods or frozen foods should be stored in an airtight container inside your home.

– Furniture: Furniture such as couches, chairs and beds should never be stored in the garage. Not only can they attract pests, but extreme temperatures can cause irreversible damage to upholstery and fabrics over time.

– Electronics: Electronics such as computers, televisions or gaming systems should never be stored in the garage. The intense heat of the garage can cause irreparable damage to the internal components, making them unusable.

– Paint: Never store paint cans in your garage as they are highly flammable and can easily ignite if exposed to extreme heat or flames. Utilize a shed or other secure location outside of the home if you must store paint cans.

– Photographs: Photos and other paper items should never be stored in the garage as they are susceptible to moisture, mold and mildew. These conditions can cause irreparable damage, making them unsalvageable.

– Valuables: Valuables such as jewelry, cash or other items should also be stored securely outside of the garage. The temperature can fluctuate drastically which may damage them or make them unusable.

– Clothing: Clothes can become musty and damaged in the garage due to high levels of moisture. If you must store clothing in the garage, be sure to seal it in an airtight container or plastic bag to protect it from mold and mildew.


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