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What makes our skin oily and steps to reduce it?

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Time and again, we are reminded of the importance of what we put in our body to reflect healthy inside well on the outside. However, the awareness of why the skin reacts in a certain manner under a particular weather condition, season, time of the day, etc. is still relatively low. The skin is the one element that guards the inside body against outside damage. So, why do we not pay extra attention to skin health and provide the skin with exactly what it needs in order to sustain external harm? Let us discuss in detail, one of the prime skin concerns for most young adults today i.e. oily skin.

Reasons Behind Oily Skin

You might notice your skin looking shiny but relatively greasy when you look up close. Why is that? The prime reason for this is uncontrolled sebum production within the skin. Sebum is the natural oil produced by the skin to keep hydration locked in for skin health. However, at times, overproduction of sebum can lead to oily skin. Some other reasons for oily skin include the following:


Oily skin is more common in younger generations as opposed to the older ones for the mere reason that with age, the sebum production slows down, which instead leads to dry skin for older people. For the same reason, younger generations are more interested in getting consultancy on an appropriate skin care routine for oily skin to avoid the accumulation of oil in the future.

Open Pores

Open and enlarged pores are another common reason resulting in oily skin. This is because larger pores, due to breakouts, acne scars, weight changes, etc., lead to excess production of oil on the skin. This is why people with enlarged pores invest in toners and serums as a part of their skin care routine for oily skin.

Incorrect Skin Care Products

In order to treat your skin right, you need to understand your skin type. The majority of the times, people confuse their skin type and invest in products that in turn adversely increase the oil production on the skin surface. Moisturiser, being the most important part of a skin care routine for oily skin, has to be lightweight or gel-based to successfully target oily skin problems.


One of the most common reasons for oily skin is genetics, even though it seems almost impractical to have carried forward oily skin from generations before you. This is usually because the sebaceous glands in the skin can be a part of the genes passed on to you from your parents, leading to overproduction of oil and thus, oily skin on the surface.

Oily skin causes regular blemishes and leaves behind an uneven appearance on the skin surface.

How To Reduce Or Remove Oil From The Skin

In order to reduce oil production from the skin or completely eliminate overproduction of oil for the future, you can opt for one of the many possible home remedies mentioned below. Luckily, a skin care routine for oily skin involving home remedies is more beneficial as it does not require any prescribed drug or application of harsh skin medicines and creams.

  1. Drink a minimum of 14 glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated from within. This in turn will not force the skin to produce extra sebum to keep itself hydrated.
  2. Wash your face a minimum of two times a day before beginning a skin care routine for oily skin. This is essential as cleansing the face removes all possible dirt and bacteria that can cause oil production, and give birth to acne.
  3. Time and again it has been stressed that in order to give the skin the time to heal from within, you need to follow a skin care routine for oily skin as it consists of all the right steps necessary for a successful resolution to oily skin concerns.
  4. Lastly, always try to invest in oil-free make-up products as makeup in itself casts a layer against the skin surface, restricting the skin from breathing freely. So, using products containing oil can add to your existing oily skin, resulting in breakouts and dullness.

Therefore, there is no one major reason that results in oily skin as it is usually due to a combination of more than one factor. Even the climate and weather conditions of the area where you live can greatly affect your skin, resulting in excess oil production and thus reflect an oily skin texture. Reaching out to dermatologists can be one of the solutions to resolve skin concerns relating to oily skin. However, if you are a beginner at skincare and wish to take it up yourself to resolve the oily skin concern, you can click here for best skincare routine that effectively works towards reducing oil production within the skin. It will take a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes twice a day to manage oil production within your skin surface successfully so begin your skin care routine for oily skin today.

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