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What To Do When Your Laptop Constantly Hangs

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Most laptops and computers, irrespective of their specs, often freeze or hang randomly, especially when you are running memory-intensive applications or programmes. However, these random crashes can be difficult to handle if they start occurring too frequently. Whether you are looking to buy the latest HP laptops or Mac devices, understanding how to deal with such issues is critical.

Common reasons and solutions for laptop glitches

Knowledge of common reasons for freezes can help you resolve such problems. These are some of the most probable causes, which can lead your laptop to stop working suddenly.

1. Running too many applications at once

Most of the latest HP laptops alongside devices from other manufacturers are equipped with processors and adequate memory to handle multitasking. Nonetheless, you need to be aware of the limit when it comes to running several programmes at once. For instance, if you are running a video game while keeping several tabs open on your internet browser, it can likely lead to hanging or intense stuttering.

Also, one should be careful when it comes to applications running in the background. Access your laptop’s task manager and check the processes running in the background at present. You can also find information regarding memory usage for each individual programme. When you find excessive memory strain due to an application, shutting it down can prevent further hanging.

2. Out-dated drivers

Laptop and desktop users need to remember to keep their devices updated at all times. Microsoft releases major Windows updates after regular intervals, which introduce better safety features and other improvements to the OS functionality. Similarly, if your laptop is equipped with a graphics card, its drivers need to be updated separately. 

In some cases, failure to update these drivers can lead to freezing and other performance issues. Moreover, neglecting OS updates can leave your laptop susceptible to virus and malware attacks as well.

3. Overheating

Overheating is a common issue that plagues laptop users. One should understand that the parts housed inside such devices are meant to work under a specific temperature. Nevertheless, temperature spikes are common, especially when your laptop is running heavy-duty programmes or applications. Another common cause for overheating is the internal cooling system or fans malfunctioning.

At any rate, the best solution to heating issues is to check the reviews for a particular laptop model before purchase. Most of the latest HP laptops and offerings from other brands come with efficient cooling solutions. After buying, laptop owners must ensure that the device’s heat flow vents are open so that proper circulation can be maintained.

4. Insufficient RAM

Your laptop’s RAM requirement depends on what you plan to do with it. For instance, video editing, graphic designing and gaming would require your computer to house at least 8 GB of RAM, although 16 GB is the recommended amount. These are all memory-intensive activities, which draw a substantial amount of random access memory.

On the other hand, if you want to use your computer to take notes or read books online, 4 GB of RAM should be sufficient. If you try to run modern-day video games on such a laptop, you will likely experience immense lag or hanging. Thus, RAM shortage may be to blame in cases of frequent freezing as well.

5. Viruses

Certain computer viruses can also slow down your device or cause it to freeze frequently. Individuals who do not own and use an antivirus programme on their laptops are more likely to face this issue. These viruses can infect critical system files and prevent your device from functioning normally. 

If you are a new laptop user, ensure you acquire a decent antivirus application at the earliest. Scan all of your drives with this programme and check for suspicious files. In some cases, your antivirus will allow you to disinfect the concerned files, thereby restoring normal function. If all else fails, you may need to format the entire device and install your OS from scratch. 

When acquiring the latest HP laptops, also buy the license for an antivirus programme to prevent such infections. While expensive, these are essential to ensure that your device remains usable for years to come.

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Make sure that you maintain a balance between affordability and specifications. Buying the cheapest device can compromise performance in most cases, leading to frequent freezing, crashes and other issues.

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