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What to Expect in the Next iPhone

by Soft2share.com

Well, it is that time of the year yet again, and we are back into speculations! Yes, we are talking about the next iPhone. The iPhone X has been a huge success. The innovative FaceID technology has been what catapulted it to greater heights. And the updates have raised the expectations we have had with respect to the next iPhone launch. What should we expect from the next generation iPhone given the technological advancements observed in the current devices from Apple?

What To Expect From Next iPhone?

Well, there are a few features we would analyze one by one. The features include the ones that we would expect and the inputs from a few rumors. Well, let us begin speculating and hope to find the features incorporated in the new gen iPhone.

The Design

We would expect a metal body design rather than the one made of glass as found in many contemporary devices. The successor to iPhone X, let us call it iPhone X1 for this discussion, though we are not sure what will it be named as is expected to have the similar stainless steel frame found in the predecessor.

The metal unibody or aluminum body is expected in tune with the trend of cutting down the costs. If wireless charging is to be included, the device would come with a glass rear, akin to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Improved Video Rendering

Not that iPhones have been not capable of any exemplary video performance. They have always been capable of providing a higher video performance. However, given the advancement in the arena of videos and gaming, we would expect an improved performance on that front.

Better video rendering and streaming capabilities would be helpful in ensuring a better playability of high-intensity online games. In fact, we can’t wait to find a device you can play blackjack online in an exemplary ambiance on your iPhone!

An Enhanced Camera

The iPhone X was found to come with an excellent camera. But, when you compare it to the other devices – especially on Android – from players like Vivo and Oppo, we feel like desiring a few extra features. The camera is definitely an area we would want to find improving.

One of the areas that would need a complete overhaul is the low light performance of the iPhone camera. We would not think it impractical to expect a few optical and sensor-based upgradations on the iPhone 9 and iPhone X1.

Front Facing Speakers

The speakers on the iPhone devices in the past have been facing downwards. It can be a good experience while playing music, but a downward facing speaker would not give you the kind of audio feel that you would want when you are watching videos or playing games.

Not that iPhone – the iPhone X, to be more precise – falls short in that aspect. However, times have changed and there have been high-end improvements in the audio technology incorporated into smartphones. From that perspective, next iPhone needs to stay competitive.

A Reduced Price!

Well, is that something we can expect? The smartphone prices have been dwindling considerably and the improvements are reaching up to the sky! With that backdrop, don’t we need to have a solid reason for opting for an iPhone when we have several options better in performance and affordable in pricing?

We would like to find iPhone reducing its prices so that even the Android users would be attracted to the Apple culture. Of course, it may not be realistic and we may not be able to find it coming anytime soon. But, such a possibility would definitely improve the sales figures for iPhone so that it will have more reasons to opt for it apart from the brand value.

In Conclusion

Well, those were a few expectations we have from the next iPhone. Of course, it is just a matter of a couple of months before we can find whether our wishes would be granted. If they do, we would indeed feel ourselves on Cloud 9!

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