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What will be the IT job growth trajectory in 2019?

by Soft2share.com

Are you making the best of this year today? Isn’t it high time to set yourself a new career goal by upgrading your skills and hopping onto a new one. New age skills such as data science, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence are hitting the IT job market. It is more of an IT job seekers market right now, and only the skilled professionals will have the leverage to take that leap.

The technology sector is a broad field for professionals looking to change directions. Talking of blockchain, almost all organizations have started adopting to blockchain technology. It is also said that the blockchain business value is set to be $3.1 trillion by 2030. And in between the late 2017 and 2018, the demand for blockchain engineers soared to 400%.

The IT job market for data science is soaring, producing 2.7 million jobs in data science and analytics by 2020.  It is predicted that due to the IT revolution, there will be a loss of over 7 million jobs in the next coming years. Candidates from computer science, IT, engineering and math backgrounds will be the ones with maximum effect. Although the IT jobs will undergo a gigantic swirl and incur a huge amount of job losses, simultaneously the creation of new jobs will also take place.

Artificial intelligence is one field that has gained a lot of traction and is going to disrupt the status quo rendering many jobs obsolete in coming years. Being an IT professional you need to buckle up since the 2019 IT job trends looks optimistic.

With over a million job roles, the perfect job is waiting for you. Explore the IT Jobs Factsheet 2019 and get ready to get yourself skilled in one of the most in-demand job roles today.

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