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What You Should Know About Buying Police Light Bars & Emergency Lighting

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Whether purchasing Police Light Bars, warning lights, or any other type of emergency lighting equipment, it is essential for police and other emergency responders to have access to a broad array of devices to prepare for any emergency situation. Each lighting option used should allow them to work quickly, safely, and efficiently for the scenario. Before purchasing any form of emergency lighting equipment, you should always understand these fundamental components of the device.

Once an emergency responder appears on the scene, any type of lighting equipment allowing them to assess the situation (and damage) as quickly as possible is vital to their success. Any options that can help with multiple areas can be very beneficial. For example, police light bars will alert others of the danger and can also help to illuminate the surrounding area to assess the situation. However, this is not the only lighting device that should be used. Other lighting options should also be used, such as a portable scene lighting system to ensure they have enough illumination to encompass the entire scene.

Construction and Quality
When using emergency equipment, it is essential for the item to work correctly. An easy way to ensure this is to purchase quality constructed devices. Even those on a budget can find quality options to work for their vehicle. In devices such as police light bars, inferior quality products (due to assembly or materials) are more likely to get moisture inside of them. Therefore, always check the quality of the construction BEFORE you check the price of the emergency lighting device.

Maintenance Requirements
The lighting device selected will determine the exact type of maintenance requirements it entails. Since downtime can severely impact emergency responders, it is crucial to have equipment requiring as little maintenance as possible. Due to this, many vehicles will look for LED lighting options because LED light bars do not demand any form of moving parts or rotating motors. Therefore, (aside from bulb replacements) as long as they have a correctly installed light bar, there is practically nothing to worry about going wrong.

Lamp Options
Another feature you need to consider before your purchase is the type of lamp (or bulb) you want to use for your lighting equipment. There are three common types – halogen, LED (or light emitting diodes), and twin compact fluorescent.

Power Sources
The lighting device you have will determine what type of power source it uses. Some lighting options can be powered from several different sources allowing for greater flexibility, which is essential during an emergency. Traditional power sources for devices include batteries, small generators, or the vehicle’s dashboard.

Battery Performance
Batteries play a crucial role in the overall effectiveness of many lighting devices (such as torches or hand lamps). When purchasing an item requiring batteries, look into how well the batteries perform and what type of batteries they use. In many cases, the lighting device can use a rechargeable system. Plus, with increases in technology, batteries are offering faster recharge times, longer life between charges, and more power per battery.

Warning Lights
Another significant attribute to think about is the type of power management features on the device. Many battery-powered options have built-in warning light indicators to alert the user when there is low power. In many devices, a standard feature is the dual power switch. This feature allows you to switch to a less draining power option if needed, which can help to extend the rescue operation when extra usage time is essential.

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