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What your office says about you

by Soft2share.com

You only have one chance to make a first impression. This is true about your appearance; about your communication (both verbal and non-verbal); and it is especially true about your business space. Whether you are a CEO in a corner office, or have a buzzing commercial enterprise, the space that represents you is one of your most powerful business cards. Your space should convey a very specific feeling:  a very carefully channelled mood that you, personally, want to convey.


What you are trying to convey through your décor?

Conveying a feeling isn’t always easy, and if you have doubts you can refer to sites, such as Archijuice, that can offer you the best creative and innovative ideas that interior design and architecture have to offer. They present, for example, an office project by Architect Jean Nouvel entitled: “Was it true Glory?”, that portrays a completely different feeling to an office space. Providing an at home feel that might be more appropriate for specific companies than the sleeker minimalistic looks that might be more suited for specific fields (especially retail and technology).

Who are your clients?

The main objective is to understand what look you are trying to portray. Is it a “I’m a hard business woman, so don’t try to underestimate me” kind of vibe? Or are you trying to convey a more down-to-earth Feng shui relaxing ambiance? Would you prefer an innovative and creative space, that needs unique appeal? Or do you want rustic and homey, so that your client feels comfortable. It is all about the feeling that you want to convey. You have to have in mind exactly what your brand is, who it is geared towards and what your prototypical client is looking for.

Get inspired

If your brand is still quite new, and you are not exactly sure what your client base is going to be, then you can turn to Archijuice to get inspired. They present articles regarding the newest trend, the hottest topics or the most hidden of gems. Their broad spectrum of focus (from retail, to hotels and restaurants, and to office space) allows you for a birds-eye view on conceptualizing your space. There are articles on everything from production premises, to retail displays and organization, to interior design ideas for hotels and restaurants. All groupings of businesses are taken into account. You will thus have access to the top bloggers, architects, and designers in the industry.

But keeping identity is key

This will help you mould your vision to your exact specifications. Archijuice’s input might help you come up with fresh and vibrant ideas,  but it is paramount that you are able to infuse the very essence of what is “you” into your space. Your domain need to be something that reflects you, but that in no way dominates you. Rather, it needs to be the canvas that allows you to highlight your most noteworthy traits, making you stand out from the rest of your competitors, but not outshining your personal brilliance.




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