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When Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

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Most Aircon repair centres in Singapore deal with several common malfunctions of aircon units. But you should be prepared for them when you go in for aircon repair in Singapore. The number one iron repair fault is when the aircon ducts fail to work. As soon as the problem is identified, aircon service centers in Singapore suggest the most suitable solution for the unit problem.

The estimated iron repair charge

The estimated iron repair charge for damaged PCB (residential property) is around $ 900. Most often, aircon units with the “D” letter prefix are meant for commercial usage and commercial premises, and those that have “E” letter prefix are intended for residential usage. If your aircon compressor, condenser unit or fan is working, but the condenser fan isn’t spinning properly when you switch on aircon, then it’s likely that the fan motor has malfunctioned due to a number of reasons.

In such cases, the air con units either need to be serviced or cleaned or both. In some cases, a simple replacement of the air con components is enough to resolve the issue. But in some other cases, such as those where the malfunction is associated with the wiring or fan board, professional air con repair is needed.

The basic things you can do to address these types of issues are to:

  • replace faulty fan wiring to avoid further damage
  • clean the air con units
  • lubricate moving parts
  • replace the faulty fan blade assembly
  • replace or fix damaged electrical connections
  • check and replace the damaged fan blade
  • inspect and replace cracked or broken heat pipes
  • replace faulty power supply connections

replace or fix faulty temperature controls If you’re not sure about any of these things, or if your aircon seems to be functioning but nothing appears to be wrong with it, then it is best to seek professional iron repair services from reputable air conditioning companies in Singapore. These air conditioning companies employ trained professionals who are able to detect problems with aircon units quickly.

A malfunctioning air con unit in your residential area

A malfunctioning air con unit in your residential area could be due to improper installation. Most air conditioning units require a certain distance between its input air path and its output air path to prevent overheating. Even if your aircon works perfectly well within its operating limits, there may be problems with its wiring. This is why it’s important to get your air con unit serviced regularly by qualified air conditioning technicians.

Sometimes, a malfunctioning air con unit could also be caused by problems with your air conditioning unit’s cooling fan. Aircon units usually contain two fans – one for cooling purposes and the other for extracting cool air from the surrounding environment. When one of these fans is obstructed, the result is an overworked and inefficient air con system. A cooling fan should rotate at a high speed and should be checked regularly. You can also tell if your air-con unit is suffering from more than a normal amount of cooling fan wear and tear if the front panel of the air con has started to look damaged and chipped. Another way to tell that your air-con is suffering from wear and tear is when you hear high pitched noises coming from the unit.

Air conditioner unit might be needing some air-con repair work

When you start to suspect that your air conditioner unit might be needing some air con repair work, you should contact air conditioning Singapore companies and ask them for a recommended expert in your area. The experts will usually come to your house or office and fix the problem in no time. They will remove the blocked vents, check for leaks and replace any necessary parts. This will ensure that your air conditioner is working perfectly again. You don’t have to worry about the cost of air con repair when you get the experts to deal with your air conditioning unit.

If you feel that your air conditioner needs a little bit of TLC to get back into peak condition, you could ask your friends and family for some help. Perhaps you can get one of your friends to bring over their air conditioner to have it looked at by professionals. It is not uncommon for friends and family to bring over their air conditioners just in case they need air con repair in Singapore. If your air conditioner is still in good operating condition, then you should just keep it indoors and leave it for once in a while.

Air-con repair is only needed from time to time

Remember that an air-con repair is only needed from time to time, especially if you let your air conditioner cool without actually switching it on. Most aircon units are easy to maintain and should be able to withstand regular use for a long period of time before requiring a replacement. Once in a while, though, you do need to make sure that your aircon unit is taken for a professional iron repair.

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