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Which Summer Footwear is Essential for Women?

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Author Bio: Davina is a fashion lover with an interest in everything from contemporary summer footwear to niche garments like the Islamic hijab. Outside of fashion, Davina is a big sports fan and plays a lot of tennis in her spare time.



Keeping cool in the summer is always important, both in terms of body temperature and with regard to how we look. Getting a summer wardrobe right is something we all have to do. Failure to do so tends to leave us feeling miserable, off-track, and like we don’t want to do anything but sit indoors with a huge fan in our face to cool us down.

For all that people (by people we mean men) mock women for their love of shoes, the reality is that footwear is one of the most, if not the definite most, important elements of any summer wardrobe. With that in mind, you’ll want to ensure you have the most stylish and comfortable footwear ready to wear at all times throughout the hotter months. Here are some examples of such styles.


These are an undisputed summer favourite; the big issue is deciding what it is you want to go for. The two biggest options are probably ‘jelly’ style flip-flops, or sandals with a cork sole. In terms of comfort and style, both tick many boxes, especially if worn with a flowing summer skirt or a dress.

If there is a downside, it’s that they provide little protection for your feet in terms of heat. If you forget to apply sunblock to your feet, you can end up with some painful burning, especially around your toes where the bar of the sandal creates friction. Ensure you have sandals ready to wear, but ensure you apply the rest of your summer essentials before buying them.


The first thing most of us know about espadrilles is that they’re one of the most polarizing styles in all of fashion. For every person who loves them, someone thinks they look ridiculous. For the person who’d wear them every day, another would rather walk over burning coals than put them on their feet.

However, like them or not, they are the perfect summer shoe. As they cover the majority of the foot and are made with a light, breathable material, they promote air circulation around the foot, which help keeps you cool and comfortable at all times. Choose espadrilles in white or cream colours, too, which reflect light and as such increase the impact your shoes have.


Before you jump up at us and tell us that trainers are sportswear, we accept that point. However, with urban fashion being such a big thing, and trainers being manufactured now with style in mind just as much as comfort and function, they’re definitely something you should consider.

The biggest thing with trainers is that you need to remember to match your shoes to your outfit like you would with anything else. It is easy to veer towards comfort rather than look, but this is about the balance of both and making your stylish footwear work for you.

What to Avoid

High heels and formal shoes, unless you’re at work, are best avoided throughout the summer. Even if you’re attending a formal, smart function, you’ll be able to get away with casual footwear. Keep it stylish, cool, and comfortable in the coming months, and ensure your shoes aren’t going to leave you struggling to stand or get through the day.


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