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White Mountain Knives Provides for Your Next Level Experience

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Exploration is a great challenge for the human spirit. There’s nothing like the feeling of adventuring through parts unknown with essential tools needed for survival. It’s a reinvigorating feeling that comes with those experiences. There may be occasions where you’ll need a tool such as a Cold Steel Tanto Knife for scratching the bark off of a branch needed for fire, or a shemagh to keep warm when the weather is brisk. White Mountain Knives can provide all of these essentials and more for your great journey outdoors.

Since starting in 2005, we’ve grown from being just a small business in New Hampshire to being a domestic and international distributor. We sell products from a number of well-established knife brands such as Cold Steel, Spyderco, and Kershaw. Not only do we offer these items, but we offer them at great prices that let you get the highest quality tools possible for a deal you can’t say “no” to.

Our “Knives” section offers a variety of blades for your adventures that are versatile and affordable. Selections such as the Cold Steel Master Hunter Knife is made from VG-1 material with a drop point blade style that makes it one of the best for the sport of hunting. Knives such as these have been made by some of the best manufacturers Japan has to offer. Another great offer is the cold steel tanto knife. This blade is made with a flat blade grind shape with a total length of 8 inches. It’s a great knife to use for a number of different tasks such as hunting game and creating firewood from fresh logs. White Mountain Knives supplies the best cold steel tanto knives to help you get the most out of your excursions in the great outdoors.

Here at White Mountain Knives, we understand that there’s more to preparing for an adventure in the wilderness than just the standard set of tools. In addition to our knives, we also sell supplies such as stoves and fire starters. These are essential tools that you need to cook yourself a hearty meal while in the midst of your adventure. It’s important to use these tools to utilize the most resources that nature provides you. With our items, we make sure those tools and accessories can do just that.

Safety is highly valued at our company, and we’ve made sure that the right kind of help can be made available for any situation. In our store, we sell multiple types of first aid kits that assure you the right amount of safety needed for your travels. Our first aid kits include different bandages, gauzes, compasses, and howler whistles to ensure that the help you receive from our kits is what’s best for you. Our first aid kits can last as long as one day and can assist as many as two people. Anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen and aspirin are also included in all three kits available.

There are a number of benefits that are included when you sign up as a member of our store. When you create an account, you’ll have access to faster check out options, the ability to track your orders, and having your shipping address saved in your orders.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our products, we can be contacted easily. Just reach us over phone at 603-866-4752, or email us at whitemountainknives@gmail.com, where we will give you the answers you need as soon as possible. We’re always here
and we’re always happy to help! Reach out today!

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