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Why and How You Should Count Baby Kicks

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When you are expecting , there are always so much suggestions and wishes both for your baby and  you . You are following those of course consulting  your doctor . But there is the little thing called counting baby kicks which is a must to avoid many complications . This is also making a good bond with your baby well before the birth . Moreover it may even save the life of your baby if you closely notice and count the kicks . So you must find time to count the little jabs in the advanced stage of your pregnancy .

When does The Baby Move

Your baby starts moving in almost 13 week pregnancy . But the movements are so little that it’s very unlikely to feel . But by the 25th week of your pregnancy you will be able to feel .When you are upright or in movements you may not feel it . But when you are sitting or lying you will certainly notice it . Your baby may need rest for a while . Don’t panic then . Wait for sometime . If it is more than 2 hours you are not feeling it contact your doctor for further monitoring without any delay . That’s why the counting of baby kicks is required to have a close monitoring about the baby’s comfort . If it stops kicking that means it may not get a adequate oxygen or proper nutrients . So it may stop kicking . If the problem is not addressed immediately it may lead to birth defects or even stillbirth .

Reasons for Movement

When your baby is awake there must be movements . So when you move you are like a cradle for it . So the baby sleeps . When you are taking rest the baby awakes and starts movements . The baby kicks are increased if you eat something cold or sweet . When you lie on your left side , you shout or play some music at those times also baby kicks . So counting baby kicks is easy in those times. You may have watched any baby growth during pregnancy video where you got the knowledge but counting the kicks of your baby is far better an experience which you will cherish .

How you Can Count Kicks

There are some easy steps . First , select the time when your baby is active you feel . Then sit or lie . If you lie , lie on your back or left . Then count the kicks and notice how long it takes for the baby to make kicks at least 10 times . It may vary from thirty minutes to two hours . It is better to make a chart to notice if the frequency of those kicks is increasing day by day . If the frequency decreases contact your doctor immediately as it signifies any serious trouble .It is natural that the kicks will increase in frequency as your pregnancy will move to advanced stage .

Bonding Before Birth

This counting of baby kicks will also enable you to make a bond with your baby before the birth . You will know the time when your baby is active . So counting baby kicks is a must to do work you should do .Baby growth during pregnancy video may be an additional option for you to know about this . So enjoy the kicks in your tummy and expect a healthy birth of a healthy child .

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