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Why Hidden Spy Apps for iPhone are Trending Nowadays

by Soft2share.com

Smartphones have revolutionised social interaction around us. For the better or worse, it merely is an indication of an anomalous amount of time we are spending with our cell phones. And having said that, recent set of researches reveal very stingy and epiphanic results.

How often do we schedule face-to-face meetings? Quite a few, when compared with the period prior to smartphone’s advent.



Have your ever texted someone to track where they have been? If you have, it is simply is your exasperation to know what others are up to. Human were always abound to be curious, and cell phone have given them just another very convenient way to spy on others. And as Apple is set to break their yet another of its preceding sales record with the upcoming iPhone 7, hidden spy cameras for iPhones are trending nowadays.

Why spying is trending?

We know that teens use their cell phone in a different manner to adults, in a more obliquitous way, reflecting the perversity of this portable technology. Parents are tired of their kids getting into trouble due to cell phone abuse. Managers have to face rising incidents of their employees misusing company-provided assets for their personal sinister agenda. Keeping over-hyped and exaggerated implications aside, there are a few ubiquitous reasons why spying apps are getting attention.

1.      Kids and cell phone

iPhones have been profoundly loved by kids and teens due to its exceptionally smooth and easy-to-learn interface. The average age at which a kid asks for his/her first smartphone is going down, which implies, another reason why parents need to be worried about their kids.  According to TheGuardian, kids get their initial handset at a tender age of just 11, with the average budget set around $182. Another appalling stat is that 1/10 kids get their first smartphone by the age of 5. So it’s not the playground fights but the online harassing and bullying that parents have to take care of.

Check out these cyberbullying.org stats that were collected from students of Midwestern U.S between ages 11-15.





The aforementioned stats show us that teens’s technology use, cyberbullying victimisation and cyberbullying offending is not something that can be ignored. Also, parents know that rather than using arbitrary methods to monitor their kids’ iPhones and iPads, spying apps are a much better option.

Binge al-cohol and substance abuse is another reason why parents want to spy their kids.

2.      Office malfeasance and assets’ abuse

Business owner have finally come to a realisation that it’s not just the employees lower in the hierarchy who needs monitoring, but also the managers. Office malfeasance from management and misuse of company-provided smartphones and tablets is another reason why spying apps are becoming an integral part of employee monitoring and management.

3.      Falling relationships

Our lives are getting busier and complicated that we are left with little time to spend with our loved ones. This leads to miscommunication and resulting dissonance. And that’s why many couples have started spying on each other.

Do you know of any reason why hidden spy apps for iPhone are trending nowadays? Let us know in the comments.


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