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Why is IAS the first choice?

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Indian students have a special feeling for the UPSC examination. At least once in a life, every student aspires to become an IAS officer. But what is it that makes it so special? Is it money, power, fame or its respect?   Probably, the answer to the above question is all. This position holds an important value in our society because these people help society in maintaining the law and order and also overall development. Sometimes, it takes a toll on their personal life but they never put their personal problem(s) ahead of society’s needs. An IAS officer is solely responsible to manage a district or any other department as ahead. Being head of the planning and execution, he or she needs to be sharp with his mind & attitude. 

Apart from respect, these officers get a hefty salary package. A Sarkari Bungalow is also offered along with all the amenities. These are also the reasons that every student wants to become an IAS officer. But to get such a feat in life, students are to go through a very rigorous study model. UPSC syllabus is vast and you just need to be best in almost everything. You are judged on several parameters. Your academics doesn’t play a big role but you should at least graduate to prepare for the IAS exam. Apart from your Graduate degree, you need to have a good analytical, logical and problem-solving mind for UPSC preparation. 

It’s such an honour to any family to have an IAS officer amongst family members. There is no other great thing in India for students; if they get selected in this prestigious job. They get respect and a well-deserving place in society. They are also idolized by many and there are so many tales of IAS officers. Some were not even financially stable to afford a pen & paper yet they cracked this exam. There is an endless motivation for UPSC jobs amongst our students. 

Mistakes and learnings in UPSC preparation

If you prepare for IAS then you should have good and strategic planning. Planning and execution both are important to qualify for the UPSC examination. Often, students don’t plan their studies well and at exam time, they go bizarre. This is one mistake you should avoid if you are preparing for the UPSC exam. You should make a clear strategy with a focused approach. Students tend to get distracted very often so you need to be very careful and be consistent. 

Time Management is another aspect that you should be mastering since the early days of preparation. Time management is everything in IAS preparation. If you fail to manage your time then your chances of qualifying IAS drops sharply. You should take help if you are not able to manage your time well. There are top IAS coaching in India and they help every student to give their best. Nevertheless, the IAS teaching industry is also a gold mine. 

IAS coaching in India

To prepare for the IAS exam, there are many students from Bihar, UP and other states who migrate to Delhi or Allahabad to prepare for this examination. Delhi has been a go-to and 1st choice for all the IAS aspirants. There are best IAS coaching in Delhi who continuously produce results. These IAS coachings have very good teaching staff. Some of them have more than 50 years of experience in teaching IAS students.

These UPSC Coachings are equipped with modern technology. Online classes are as popular as offline classes. Some coaching has accommodation facilities for migrant students. There are many retired officers who come to teach in IAS coaching. Now, IAS coaching institute prepares students from all the prospects. They provide overall training and prepare the candidates to their very best. If you are a student then you could also opt for these IAS coaching.

There are many other non-tangible benefits of being an IAS officer. An IAS officer is a success symbol in our society and a family doesn’t expect anything else for their kids if they clear this exam. Can’t be said that if its money that lucubrates students or respect and power. IAS is an emotion in India rather than study. 

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