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Why It Is Important To Learn Salesforce Basics?

by Soft2share.com

Salesforce is the number one CRM in the world and this is a good reason to learn Salesforce basics for anyone who is in sales. This software is cloud-based and does not require a team of IT experts to set up the system or manage it. CRM is an important tool to increase the productivity of the organization and manage the customer relationship and retention.


Salesforce has changed the way how the enterprise software is delivered and it is totally based on cloud environment which cuts the set-up costs and no maintenance and employees can work from anywhere just with an internet connection and a Smartphone or laptop.

How to learn Salesforce basics?

Learning Salesforce basics is required for every beginner in Salesforce to learn about the technology and how the different modules are operated. Without the basic knowledge of something, it is not possible to dig deep into the system and therefore for every Salesforce user and administrator, learning about Salesforce is important. When the basics are clear, it is easy to go into the advanced topics and integration methods.

Learning Salesforce is easy and there are many ways to learn it. The formal in-person instruction led classes is the most intensive but definitely the most expensive Salesforce learning option. But the main benefit received from this method is that you get customized training to your team, company and even your schedule. Some good examples of this type of training is Salesforce University and Stony point. Another option to learn Salesforce basics is to hire a formal in-person training that is certified who can come on-site and teach Salesforce as well as advanced topics to the Salesforce team.

The other option to learn Salesforce basics is to opt for online self-directed, self paced class which can be cheaper or a free option. But the drawback will be the absence of instructor and you have to manage the learning by yourself. The good examples are Simplilearn, Edureka, Udemy and Salesforce Trailhead.

Salesforce Trailhead is one of the best resources for starting your Salesforce training and learning Salesforce basics. The best part is that it is completely free and is a self paced resource containing many trails which are guided learning paths based on the job role and level of expertise. The system of learning is very attractive with the learner given credits and recognition on the completing of every module and other milestones. Trailhead is one of the most popular sources to learn Salesforce in a very systematic manner and its idea is to give a free Salesforce knowledge to everyone who is working on this domain.

There are many Salesforce guides and tutorials available on the internet for free and anyone can find them easily on internet. But the choice should be made on the basis of quality of the training material.

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