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Why Living In Cavite Is Worth It

by Syed Qasim

Finding a new home is one of life’s biggest achievements. You go through many lots, homes, and locations to see if it is worth living. Unfortunately, there is not much space left in Metro Manila unless you are considering a condominium. At the very least, Cavite is becoming a potential place to live near the capital city.

The current pace of development in the province is evolving at a rapid pace. New developments are being built, and more people are moving here to shoulder the rising cost of living. Like any real estate, early investing allows you to buy a home. Check out these reasons why living in Cavite is worth it!

Near To Many Establishments

Living in Cavite, you can shop in familiar establishments like SM, Waltermart, and Puregold. These establishments are common around Metro Manila, ensuring you get your essential needs. You can shop, watch movies, or buy groceries at these places.

If you need a place to study, the province has many institutions that can provide education. For example, living in a Sherwood Hills lot, your house is near schools like Cavite State University, Notre Dame of Trece Martires, and Lyceum of the Philipines University – Cavite. 

Is healthcare also your concern? You can also access reputable hospitals like the City Of General Trias Doctors Medical Center. Important services like healthcare are available within the province, making it a great place to move in.

Connected To Highways And Expressways

Being the province near Metro Manila, Cavite is slowly building its expressway network. While its highways already exist, accessibility can be a concern. The capital city is becoming more difficult to get around with the amount of traffic experienced daily. Cavite hasn’t reached that level yet, but it’s best to live in a place where you can live without traffic now. 

Fortunately, you can get around the province through highways or expressways. It is why many properties are being built near Governor’s Drive, contributing to the province’s growth. Developments in expressways in Cavite include the completion of the Cavite-Laguna Expressway. 

Near To Metro Manila

By this point, you can consider Cavite as an extension of Metro Manila. It is no surprise because the development pace is being invested outside of the capital. Essentially, Cavite is a bedroom community; residents go to Metro Manila because they work there. Since there is little to no space available to live in, Cavite is becoming the go-to place for living. 

If you invest in a house and lot in Cavite early, you can live near familiar establishments found in Metro Manila. In the long-term, it becomes a valuable asset for you to own for you and your family. Remember, moving to a new place has challenges, and you must prepare for anything. 

Wrapping Up

Living in Cavite has its perks and challenges. As the province is near Metro Manila, you get access to familiar establishments, including schools and hospitals. If accessibility is your concern, getting around via their highways and expressways is possible. On the other hand, investing in a Cavite property early secures your future. In short, invest in a province where your future life can build one day. 

Author’s Bio:

Angelo Castelda is a freelance writer and digital nomad who loves to travel around Asia. He finds comfort in working around the beautiful islands, mountains, and beaches of the Philippines, which is where he usually draws inspiration when writing about travel, lifestyle, and real estate.

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