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Why Preparing Through A-Level Past Papers Is Imperative To Get Excellent Grades?

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I am Ali. I have passed the A-level exam last year. It was almost 6 months before exams when I decided to join an academy because I was not fully prepared to appear in the exam. To be very honest, the tuition fees of academies are as high as a mountain. My parents could not afford to pay a bundle of fees every month, so I decided to prepare via an online platform.

I browsed my online platforms to find an authentic one and luckily I found an authentic website. I want to check my caliper. I opened accounting past paper but I was unable to solve analytical questions and I could not answer some questions exactly. It made me worried and pushed me for hard-work.It indicated that how important it is solving A-level past papers before appearing in the exam.

Comprehensive, yet precise answers:                                                                                                                                  

I started preparation for all subjects. These past papers gave me exposure with to frequently asked questions by the examiners.  All the topics were covered in detail with complete guidance. The ‘’model answers’’ helped me to grab maximum marks by preparing in just a few months. In the exam, I did not have to spend minutes about thinking the analytical answer to the questions. It saved my time and could focus sharply on the paper.

Focus on the frequently asked topics:

All the topics in a chapter are not equally important. Through past papers, I came to know about the important topics. Obviously, there are chances that those topics might come in the exam and they carry more marks as well.

Marks grabbing techniques:

For an examiner marking a paper is a critical job. He will be more pleased with your paper as you turn this process into an easier job. I tried to highlight all the important points that I learned from past papers. The A-level past papers gave me an idea of how marks are allocated during the marking process.

Remedial action to improve writing skills:

When I was preparing through past papers, I came to know about my shortcomings. With every passing day, I started to learn paper solving techniques. Moreover, I was able to manage the time. Before appearing in the exam I was confident and havea full grip on all subjects.

Quick revision:

The IGCSE past papers comprehensively cover all topics. Hence, you can quickly go-through the entire syllabus in less duration of time. Before management paper, I got high fever but thanks to past papers. I revised topics that helped me a lot. For this reason, it was easy for me to appear in the exam without any problem.

Tips for students:

You can get everything on your fingertips in just one day. You have to do a lot of struggle to understand the psychology of the examiners. You can test yourself by solving past papers but you to be honest with yourself.IGCSE past papers are a helpful tool for students who have limited time for preparation.

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