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Why Should I Go For Windows Smartphone?

by Soft2share.com

Few months ago, market of smartphones was dominated by mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. However, with the introduction of Windows in mobile devices, reputed manufacturerslike Nokia have started using Windows in their smartphones. Also, many users have switched to Windows smartphones. So,I tried my hands on Windows phone to figure out the positives of these smartphones because of which they are gaining such popularity in a short span of time and listed them out for you. Read on the points and decide whether you would like to go for it or not.


New touch to mobile operating systems:

It is obvious that Microsoft has given a revolutionary interface to the mobile devices in the form of Windows operating system. The tiled interface is fresh in the market and many Fashionistas out there believe that Microsoft has provided the most beautiful design in smartphones, till date.

Feasibility of access:

Windows has two screens: one is the interface with live-tiles, which can be customized. Another one is the screen of apps that is sorted in alphabetical order. These two screens provide way beyond feasibility of access, which outsmart Apple.

Physical camera button:

The physical camera button is unique in Windows smartphones.Also, Microsoft has made it mandatory that every Windows phone should have this button. This button is meant for focusing the objects during clicking a picture, without even touching the screen of the phone. This gives the user a real experience of photography and proves to be helpful in many cases. However, you don’t see such feature in an iPhone or an Android phone.

Organizes conversations in a single place:

If you’re chattingwith Johnny in MSN Messenger and at the same time, if you want to chat with him in Facebook, there is no need to change the app to Facebook app to chat with her. You can very well chat with her in Facebook from the same window and also, you can call her from the same place. The bottom line is you do not have to switch apps, as this operating system enables you to group all the conversations in the same window in an organized manner.

These are few of the tasks, which are made way too easy for a user when a Windows smartphone is in his hand. Now, it is your call whether you want to buy one or not.

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