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Why The Use OF Torque Wrenches Is Highly Important

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Torque wrenches are used in a variety of industries including automotive, defense and construction among others. They provide for safer/accurate fastener configurations and prevent over/under-tightening of them, to avoid wastages while reducing chances of accidents. The wrenches are also available in different types to suit your application in the best ways.

Over-tightening can damage or even break the fasteners. Under tightening may cause the joints to come apart. The manufacturers nowadays provide the torque specifications for the fasteners that the different pieces of machinery and automobiles have. But without the wrenches, it is impossible to apply specific torque. Torque wrenches can be used for tightening the bolts and nuts safely without damaging them, and to the specific and designated values. This ensures preventing over and under-tightening of nuts/bolts and ensures the safest assembly and performance of automobiles/pieces of machinery.

Importance of Torque Wrenches for Automobile Manufacturers and Garages

Garages and automobiles may make good use of the wrenches, as torque and its appropriateness is a prerequisite for passenger safety in automobiles. When the nuts of the wheel are not tightened well enough, they may come off during travel and on-road, and the consequences may include loss of life. Over application of torque may result in the breakage of bolts and nuts immediately or sometime later, and again passenger/occupant safety gets to be at stake.

Using Torque Wrenches And Choosing The Right One

Use of torque tool and wrenches is hence important for safety and avoiding losses and wastages. Apart from automobiles, wrenches are now used in many other industries and business segments as well including construction and home repairs/renovation among others. But for the best application and use, a torque wrench should be chosen for an application. Below are some different types of torque wrenches in use today.

Manual Torque Wrench- The wrenches are used in the vehicle maintenance and service industry and the garages. The handy tool can also be called as beam wrench, has a rugged design, and can be used, carried, and stored conveniently. They are the cheapest wrench options.

Electronic Torque Wrench- The wrenches do not contain any moving part but have an electric sensor. The user gets to know the torque applied through the display and the sensor of the wrench.

Click Torque Wrench- The click torque tool and wrench is called so as it produces a “click” sound when a particular torque setting (the desired one) is achieved. The wrench has the lever (spring-loaded). It can be adjusted when you twist the handle to a given setting. When the torque reaches this level, the lever will break and the “click” sound will occur.

Pneumatic Torque Wrench- The wrenches may be used in the service and maintenance processes of heavy load machinery including trucks (for truck wheel change) and the service of the construction machinery. This is a more costly wrench and is only needed for torque applications of 700nm or 516 ft. lbs. and above.

Dial Torque Wrench- The dial is nowadays used widely in defence, aerospace, and automotive industries. The wrench is said to be the most accurate of them all.

Apart from the application specification, you should also check the built quality of the wrench. The ISO standard ISO 6789:2003 applies to the wrench. The best of wrench manufacturers will always provide and sell a wrench along with its calibration certificate. Choosing a reliable brand ensures the accuracy of readings and brings to you peace of mind during operations. Reliable tools may work more than 8000 or 10000 cycles without requiring any maintenance.

Talking to a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial equipment including torque wrenches will bring to you more information in this regard. Know your requirements fully before actually choosing a wrench.

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