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Why You Just Don’t Need CD’s Anymore

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There’s no doubt about it, CDs are becoming a thing of the past. Up until relatively recently there was still a lot to be said for the good old fashioned CD. The quality used to be far higher than that of a digital download or streaming site. And of course there were all the extras such as the album artwork and lyrics, not to mention the sheer pleasure of owning a physical copy of a work of art.

Nowadays, however, a lot of these reasons have become as obsolete as the CDs themselves. Sites such as Spotify stream music at the same quality as the CDs themselves. If you buy digital downloads you can just choose the 2 or 3 tracks off the album that you actually love and of course the media you use to play them on has increased storage and capabilities. It used to be the case that you’d need a physical copy of the album if you wanted to play it in the car, for example, or on different CD players around the house. These days you can just plug your phone straight into your stereo and have your favourite selection of tunes wherever you happen to be.


Physical copies are becoming obsolete

The CD is certainly becoming obsolete. Sure there are a few hardcore fans still out there that absolutely have to have a physical copy of the music that their favourite band creates, but on the whole the CD is dying a death and one has to ask how long it will before they are phased out altogether. While at the moment digital copies only count for about 30% of overall music sales, the fast changes in technology mean that this situation is likely to change in the not too distant future. The only exception is likely to be limited special editions, but on the whole, digital music formats will be the way to go.

With CDs on the way out, now is the time for you to sell music you don’t listen to. It’s pretty easy to do too, there are all sorts of ways you can get rid of your old CDs and enjoy a clean and clutter free home without compromising on your selection of tunes. As long as you have ripped your old CDs on to a digital format then it makes sense to have a bit of a clear out. If nothing else, it means there’s less dusting to do around the house!

CDs to keep

Of course, there are always a few CDs you should keep. Perhaps a live album version of a concert you went to, or just a special gift from someone you love. Physical copies will always have a place in our hearts, but really you should only be hanging on to the ones that are really special. The reality is that CDs are an unnecessary extra in the modern age. As technology advances there will be even more reasons to keep it digital so clear out your old CDs today.

Jacqueline Collier is a seasoned tech writer who has been providing content to a variety of digital media websites for the last 10 years. She says, “the latest developments in technology mean that now is the time to sell music you don’t listen to.

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