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Why You Should Be Using Marine Battery Wire on Your Boat

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There are few things in the world that will test the durability of electrical cables more than being out on the water. Every time you put your boat into the water, the equipment that powers it must contend with some of the worst conditions for wiring. Sun exposure, vibrations, corrosion, and submersion are just some of the things that impact the wiring on your boat. To make sure that your wiring can withstand the force of these elements, it is important that you always use marine grade wiring for all boat electrical projects.

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Why Should You Use Marine Battery Wire?

Many believe that they can use standard wire on any project as long as it is rated properly. While this is not incorrect, it is important to note that in some cases specialty wire is a better choice as its careful design allows it to withstand the anticipated conditions under which it will be operating.

One of the main reasons to use marine wire is that the design of marine wire and standard wire are very different. This difference in design allows for the marine wire to withstand the elements and keep your boat operating smoothly. The second reason to use Marine Battery Wire is two-fold and most important, and that is for safety and durability. A standard wire will deteriorate quickly and sometimes cause unsafe situations, such as shortages and fires while operating under the harsh conditions of being on the water. Marine wire is built to not only withstand the elements but to be durable and last much longer than its counterpart so that you can do repairs and upgrades less often and enjoy being on the water more.

Marine Wire Design Differences

There are two main design differences in marine wire that set it apart from standard wire. The first difference that can be found is in how it is built. Marine wire is built with tinned copper. This is one of the best qualities of marine wire because the tinning protects the wire from corrosion.

The second difference in design of marine wire can be found in the insulation. The enhanced insulation allows for the cable to be very flexible which increases its durability. The special insulation also allows for the cable to withstand being submerged underwater while giving it the ability to withstand the other elements that are common in a marine environment.

Pros and Cons of Marine Battery Wire

There are many advantages of using marine grade wire for your boat projects. The first of these is that it is designed with being on the water in mind and upholding against the elements that can be found there. This wire also contains more copper and insulation, which will keep your boat operating smoothly for years to come.

The main disadvantage with marine wire is that it will come at a higher cost than its standard counterpart. This is due to the cost of the elements that are needed to make the wire. While cost is its biggest disadvantage, this can also be offset by the durability of the wire, which will lessen the need for repairs in the future. And, most importantly, your boat will be safer to operate on the water

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