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Why You Should Consider Switching to an Android Phone

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Apple iPhones were initially the ‘big thing’ and everyone with a smartphone addiction craved the latest release! But since then, Android has kicked off in a really big way and the market is growing rapidly, with an increasing number of former Apple addicts jumping ship and transferring to Android. So why is this and why should you consider making the move?


Better gaming

For many, the main benefit has been the better gaming potential on Android. Although you can play games on an iPhone, it’s obvious that they weren’t developed to do that and the experience can be a bit mixed. On Android, however, there is plenty of gaming specific handsets and the hardware is more heavily invested in and developing faster. Android has already beaten Apple on the gaming front to 4G, dual core processing and high resolution gaming graphics. Many people like the flexibility too of the handsets. If you want a small screen to carry around with you, Android offers this. Similarly, if you want a big gaming screen with 3D capability and HD output, again, you’ve got the option. Your hands are more tied with the basic iPhone handset, as attractive as it is! Some people have found that they simply weren’t using their iPhone as much as they’d thought they would.

Other benefits of Android

There is also the fact that you can switch and collaborate between apps on the Android handset, which isn’t possible in the same way for the iPhone. This is really important to lots of consumers when they are on the go and trying to do several things at once! There is greater customisation and choice in the Android world too and many owners love this because they like trying out new handsets and changing their contract to fit their needs. With the iPhone, it’s basically just one phone and handset. Admittedly, it’s a sleek and gorgeous phone, but it seems it was never designed to suit everyone, or you wouldn’t be looking to sell your iPhone handset and get some cash for an Android!

You’ll find other benefits too if you’re an Android fan. The technology world has been raving about the new and improved Siri technology and the powerful IOS system, the excellent customisation opportunities and the better keyboards. It’s great to see this market expanding, because it gives us plenty to look forward to.

Thinking of switching?

Of course, it may be that Apple releases an iPhone release which tempts people back. All competition is good and this market is hugely exciting. Isn’t it great living in a time when this technology is evolving and developing right in front of our eyes? Meanwhile, however, if you are looking to sell your iPhone, try signing up to one of the online recycling sites. These sites are quick and easy to use and your old iPhone handset won’t simply end up gathering dust somewhere in your house. Selling your old handsets means you can keep the cash handy for your next phone upgrade!

Jane Graves is a huge fan of consumer gadgetry and has been writing about technology for websites and consumer publications for over a decade. She would recommend that you sell your iPhone handset online for quick cash and to support environmental recycling – everyone wins!

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