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Why your small business should be on Twitter

by Soft2share.com

Twitter is one the most exciting ways businesses can market their brand, engage with their audience and gain customers. Whilst it may only seem like a social networking site like Facebook or Linked In, Twitter offers businesses lots of different ways for them to market themselves. This is especially good for small companies, more and more small companies are using Twitter to directly access current and new customers. Twitter is also easy and fast, so whilst you have to really think about what your tweeting and how you want your business to come across, it’s not something that has to have a huge investment of time, as long as you do it right.


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Talk to you the right people

Twitter is a fantastic way to outreach other brands, talk to customers and engage directly with your target audience. Small businesses should think about who they are going to follow, if your small business focuses on travel or food then make sure you’re following successful travel or food Twitters.  Focus on what they do with their Twitter and see if you can emulate any of their ideas. There are a few tools that make it easy to find people who are relevant to you, Followerwonk can analyse Twitter users followers so you can see who is following them and who they are following. Another good tool is Tweetdeck, this insider favourite makes it easy to keep track of people you want to follow but who tweet a lot, this means that your news feed won’t be clogged.

Visualize the experience

Unless your business is tech or online based, then it’s hard to show people why they should be following you. So if your business is craft based then one of the ways you can engage users is by tweeting pictures, tweet a picture of a craft being built or use Vine (Twitters video app) to record yourself crafting something. A good example of this is small restaurants tweeting their prep for the day, or showing their special for that day. These tweets engage users and also promote your brand without you having to put that much effort in or spending a penny!

Customer Service

One of the most obvious positives about Twitter is instant access to customers. No one wants an unhappy customer, unfortunately if companies don’t have Twitter accounts customers have to put a lot of effort into contacting them through the phone or through email. With Twitter it’s easier for customers to tweet a company and they’ll have a direct, and public, line to them. This is a great way to show off yourexcellence customer service and have all of your followers see how great you are!

Twitter is a great tool but, it can be handled badly and can be negative to companies. Think about your Twitter output, don’t tweet carelessly but don’t think about Twitter as anything more than a fun, great way to talk to your customers. There are lots of great tips for small businesses on Twitter, check out website builder Webeden for some good tips for small businesses online. So sign up, start your first hash tag and have fun.


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