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Windows 8.1: The First Look At New Features

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High mobility, touch control, and work from any location – all these tasks require specialized tools, and Windows 8 has become such a tool. The statistics of new OS sales demonstrates us the following: more than 100 million copies have been sold for 6 months, and this number continues to grow. Microsoft continues to improve the operating system, and it’s ti,e for its upgraded version 8.1, which is more convenient to work and play. Windows Program Management president, Antoine Leblond, told about new features and capabilities that Windows 8.1 will bring.



It will be easier for Windows 8.1 users to express their individuality, because it provides advanced features for it. For example, a computer or a tablet will easily turn into a photo frame with its help. Photos will be displayed in a slide show on a lock screen. Moreover, it does not matter whereyour files can be found exactly. The system can display the photos stored locally and those ones that are in SkyDrive.

¬†The new operating system also makes it easier to see the list of installed programs. To do this, just run your finger at the bottom of a screen. This list can be sorted by name, date of installation, frequency of use, etc. for your convenience. And to protect the home screen from overflowing with unnecessary labels, new applications can now be found by viewing the list of all installed files. The operating system will mark them as “new”. You can manually choose the applications that need to be in quick access at your home screen.


Windows 8.1 Search menu will give the results of Bing’s work in a clear and simple interface. This search engine will provide you with the best results of all places it will look (websites, applications, files, SkyDrive). In fact, a search box of Windows 8.1 is a multi-command line.

Work with “clouds”

Windows 8.1 makes it possible to save files directly to cloud storage SkyDrive.

New SkyDrive provides the same easy access to your files, no matter where they are, so, all documents are available even with no Internet connection.

Thanks to “clouds”, buying a new device will be simplified as well, because there is no need to configure it now. It will be enough to enter a username and password of your Microsoft account, and all data and programs will be installed automatically.

Browsing the Internet remains one of the most popular tasks for every device. That’s why Windows 8.1 will get a new Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). This browser uses all the features of IE10, and it is the only web browser that was initially designed to be controlled by gestures. IE11 pages will open faster, and you’ll be able to customize its interface for your own needs. For example, a user can turn on the option when the address bar will not be hidden. In addition, you will have an opportunity to synchronize open tabs across different devices.

Best work with a mouse and keyboard

Although a gesture control becomes more popular today, a big number of users in the world prefer ¬†classical manipulators. And it will be more convenient for them to work with the new operating system. For example, to go to the home screen, you just move a mouse to the lower left corner of the screen. However, it will look like the system’s logo in Windows 8.1. There are also options that allow you to change the action when the cursor is at the corner of a screen. Also, you can choose another screen, and not to download a home one. For example, it can be a list of all installed programs.

Microsoft specialists work hard to make the new operating system more functional in many directions at once. It will get more options of personalization, search, dealing with “clouds” web-surfing, and more. All they make your work with new devices more comfortable.

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