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Wired Road Trips | How To Stay Connected When Traveling Or Working Mobile

by Soft2share.com

In our increasingly technological world, we are developing the need to stay wired when we are traveling. This certainly doesn’t only apply to family road trips where the kids need entertainment, texting capabilities, Facebook access and the rest. Think about the millions of people around the world who basically live in their cars, especially for work purposes. Salesmen who travel, business people on the move, taxi drivers and even airline pilots all need and want to stay connected while at work and play.


Keeping connected keeps us plugged into our lives. Business depends greatly on Internet connectivity – and business surely will not stop, or even slow down a bit, because we happen to be in our vehicles, hidden away from all tech blessings. As you might expect, to match this insatiable demand for connection, there are products by the boatloads that are available to accommodate us. You can learn about the various mobile broadband plans available from iiNet by visiting their new resource today.

So what does it take to stay connected while on the roads? Simple: it takes Internet connectivity, cell phones, laptops, tablets, printers and everything else that it takes you to stay connected when you are at your desk. We need our electronic devices, pretty much at all times. Even Greyhound buses now offer device plug-ins and free WiFi.

Internet connectivity is the basis for staying connected on the road.

You can access free WiFi signals at loads of different merchants and restaurants including McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Walmart and lots more. It’s not difficult to find one when you’re in the city, but it might be a little tough to check your email when you’re backroadin’ in the deep boondocks. The good news is that almost every cell phone provider offers a mobile modem that you can use to access the Internet while in even remote locations. The modems are cheap, about $50, when you sign up for a data plan.

You gotta have the juice!

Next, smart phones, tablets and laptops have a seriously difficult time lasting through even a single day without being charged up. Their batteries die – and they function no more. Internet gone. Communication breakdown. Lost business. Not good. The good news is that you can get yourself an AC adapter, from good old Walmart and many other locations, for about $40. This will work well for keeping your smart phone or other computing devices upped with power. Note that for running printers, you may need to invest in an industrial strength power supply adapter. Devices that draw big power may mess up your vehicle’s electrical system – again, not good.

Staying connected on road trips is simple today – with a small investment.

A quick trip to Best Buy or any other electronics provider will expose you to a world of tech goodies that may just make you want to sleep in your car too. There are cool tools like snap-in-place shelves that attach to your steering wheel, usable as a desktop for your keyboard. There are GPS units that keep you from getting lost, even in those deep boons. There are signal boosters that keep your connectivity optimized. And there are about a hundred other products available that will keep you and your loved ones plugged-in, charged-up and digitally connected with your high-tech world. Explore them and enjoy!


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