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Wisesolution VPS Philippines: Learn what makes us world’s most reliable VPS Host

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The VPS Hosting has come under the limelight in the last few years only. With the development of virtualization technology, the VPS server has become the choice of many web businesses. It is mainly utilized to host your business website. The VPS Hosting serves as a perfect alternative to a dedicated server for hosting purposes. However, what holds more concern is from whom you are buying the VPS hosting service. That is because only the right hosting provider can enable you to make the best usage of your server.

Here we will pour some highlights upon the Wisesolution hosting company. Wisesolution is amongst the leading hosting companies in the industry. Further, it is highly recognized for rendering the best VPS Philippines. But, let us first comprehend the VPS Hosting Philippines in a little more detail.

What is VPS Hosting Philippines?

The VPS renders the virtual and private hosting environment. The VPS hosting Philippines is built to provide dedicated resources and facilities at the most affordable prices. The VPS is a short form that is used for Virtual Private Server. It is designed by splitting the physical server through virtualization software ‘Hypervisor’. After the division of the physical server, multiple compartments are formed. These compartments are known as virtual private servers. With the Philippines VPS server hosting, you acquire the required web resources for your business website. The web resources such as bandwidth, RAM, disk space, etc. will be completely running for your business website. Unlike a shared server, you will not have to share the web resources with the users residing on your physical server.

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Types of VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting Philippines can be classified into two broad categories based on the type of operating system running at the server base. These categories are –

●    Linux VPS Hosting Philippines

In the Linux VPS Hosting Philippines, the Linux operating system functions at the base of your VPS Philippines. Linux is known as the most popular open-source operating system. It enables you to install custom-made applications on your website free of cost. These applications can include Firefox, Spotify, LibreOffice, Skype, Slack, and many others.

●    Windows VPS Hosting Philippines

In the Windows VPS Hosting Philippines, the Windows operating system functions at the base of your VPS Philippines. Windows is known as the most famous user-friendly operating system. It renders advanced services and Graphical User Interfaces to the users. It is a product of Microsoft and is compatible with more than 400+ applications.

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About Wisesolution

The Wisesolution is the recognized standalone web hosting company in the web hosting market. It is the fastest developing company as it delivers world-class services all over the globe. If you need a hosting provider for accomplishing your goal-specific business needs, this company is your pick. The company offers the best VPS Server Philippines with high-grade facilities. All your resource-intensive website requirements can be achieved through the Wisesolution VPS Philippines. The excellent features of the company’s virtual private server make you compete with your competitors at the forefront. Let us check them out in the subsequent section.

Features of Wisesolution VPS Hosting Philippines 

●     Advanced Security

The Wisesolution VPS Philippines comes up with high technology-based security measures. Your business website will acquire DDoS, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security, antiviruses, malware scans & removals, firewalls, inbuilt security software, data encryption, digital signature, and much more. All these high-level security layers will ensure the protection of your website data and code.

●     Administrator Access

You will get complete control of your VPS Philippines. You will have the freedom to adjust the web resources based on your business website needs. You can configure, upgrade, and scale up your server easily and quickly. You will have the right to install any applications and software required.

●     Easy customization

With the Wisesolution VPS Philippines, you get the flexibility to customize your resources. You get the power to easily customize CPU cores, random access memory, HDD or SSD storage, bandwidth, and other hardware/software specifications.

Benefits of buying Wisesolution VPS Server Philippines

Here are some of the significant benefits that you can acquire with Wisesolution’s Philippines VPS hosting –

●     Regular Backups

You will be made sure to have the full security of your web business. The company’s Philippines VPS hosting provides weekly data backup features. Thus, you will have no risk of losing your business website data.

●     Faster server speed

Your business website will have a 99.99% uptime network with VPS in Philippines. The company renders its servers with twenty times faster speed. You will be able to boost your website SEO efforts with VPS Philippines.

●     Better stability

You will have robust hardware specifications with your VPS Philippines. Your business website will get reliable network connectivity through optic fiber cables. It will be able to give a seamless high-speed experience to the end-users.

Plans and prices

The Wisesolution hosting company offers cheap VPS hosting Philippines plans. However, all the cheap VPS Philippines plans involve high-class hosting facilities. You will also get 24/7/365 instant support from the professional team with every plan. The company commits to value your time and money. Your web business will have real-time and consistent support. The company’s in-house professionals and technical experts are certified and experienced in handling clients’ issues. They will resolve all your queries and server problems with their smart solutions. You can raise a ticket or directly communicate to them through different mediums anytime. The communications mediums involve – Live Chat, Skype, Email, Whatsapp, Phone Call.

Customer Reviews

Always do your own research after knowing about the company’s hosting services. You must reach out to the company’s past and present clients. They will provide you with real insights into how the company’s hosting services are. Here we are mentioning the customer reviews for the Wisesolution VPS Philippines. 


With the Wisesolution hosting company, you can have the most affordable managed VPS Philippines services. The managed services will make you free from all the server responsibilities. The company will take charge of managing and running your virtual private server efficiently. You can then put your focus at the core of your web business and other aspects. You can go to Wisesolution’s official website to know more about its hosting services –  https://www.wisesolution.in/

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