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With Dedicated Server Hosting US Vendors Also Offer Bespoke Managed Services

by Soft2share.com

When offering dedicated server hosting, US vendors also offer managed service plans that allow them to provide maintenance, security and troubleshooting according to clients’ needs.

Managed service is one of the key dedicated hosting advantages that clients prefer in a dedicated hosting plan.

Clients can also opt for unmanaged service plans, though less pricey, provide considerably less support.

But for most part, choosing between managed and unmanaged service becomes a tricky issue for more reasons than one.

Cost is one of the disconcerting factors. Other apprehensions include knowledge and integrity of the dedicated hosting provider, the level of technical support they can deliver, and speed and uptimes.

Internet and global communications concept: row of network servers and blue Earth globe isolated on white reflective backgroundIt is true when offering dedicated server hosting, US providers offer technical prowess of a very high order, but many things have to be kept in mind before making a selection of the right vendor.

Information Technology managers traditionally want to be in charge of everything. Developers take initiatives in building things that are not their core competency.

Sadly, they prioritize control and manageability over speed to market and agility – and these are critical suggestions in business.

As one marketer rightly said, “We are living in an era of cutthroat competition. Issues like speed to market, consumer satisfaction and agility matter more than anything else”.

IT companies cannot afford to spend useful time ramping up skill sets of staff to adapt to new technologies. If they want to focus on delivering business value, then managed service helps.

It is for good reasons Dedicated Server hosting by US vendors include managed service models that fully support many complex IT functions.

Here are some of the key advantages that companies derive by implementing managed services.

Reduced operating costs

Reduced control cost is the most compelling strategic reason for using managed services. The client gets access to third party low cost infrastructure bringing in short and medium term benefits.

Speeded-up reengineering

It is well understood that dedicated servers are utilized by bigger companies managing websites with huge traffic loads. When an outside agency assists with world-class standards and processes, organizations are better able to focus on and provision reengineered platforms.

Access to innovative technologies

By the very nature of their skills, dedicated server management professionals leverage extensive top-class resources to fulfill the need of customers. By partnering with world standard Dedicated Server hosting, US providers can bring in the latest technologies, tools and techniques that companies do not possess.

To summarize, managed services in the long haul is bound to be productive to companies. Hosting providers posses more structured methodologies and procedures that can bring in cutting edge advantages to clients’ advantage.

Dedicated hosting benefits are many, the robust among are leveraged to the maximum by businesses. These include agility and performance enhancement, flexibility and better uptimes.

But it is also important that companies must realize the benefits of managed hosting, and choose managed services if the provider offers it as an option. Augmenting or retraining staff to meet the needs of dedicated hosting cannot provide benefits in the long run.


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