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Wooden Pallet Malaysia

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Since then, the company has expanded and moved its operations to a larger 18,000-square-meter factory. Mypalletmarket wood in large quantities from manageable and sustainable forest land at competitive prices. We ensure that these savings are passed on to our customers.

Wooden Pallet Malaysia covers more than 80% of the market share for pallets for industrial use by manufacturers of electronics, food and logistics. Established in 1995 with over 25 years of experience, it is one of the largest manufacturers of wooden pallets and related products on the Malaysian market. We need to know the good mood and the bad mood when it comes to using wooden pallets in Malaysia, whether you are using them for storing and transporting goods or exporting your goods overseas.

MyPallet specializes in supplying different types of pallets and raw materials to manufacturers of different types of industrial pallets, including wooden pallets in Malaysia. We have developed four types of materials that can be used in Malaysia for wooden pallets. The reason for this is that darn if they are easy to obtain and cheap.

Wooden pallets that cannot be repaired do not go to waste but are recycled into wood products such as chipboard, animal litter, wood chips that become furniture, etc. Wooden pallets can also be reused and in the meantime used for gardens and other DIY items.

Mypalletmarket offers material handling solutions and custom wooden pallet designs for a wide range of markets. Presswood pallets can be regarded as a processed wood products in terms of their manufacturing process. A compressed wooden pallet has good resistance to damage to the edge of the pallet in connection with handling.

Wooden Pallet Malaysia is a company with productivity to meet the high use of pallets in your company. We manufacture all kinds of wooden pallets to handle any type of raw wood. The company uses standard-sized pallets, and the supply chain is linked to standard equipment designed to transport products.

The positioning of objects on pallets makes it easier to carry them with the help of forklifts and other lifting equipment. It is a structural foundation unit that can be loaded vertically or horizontally, making handling and storage efficient. It can be made from other materials such as steel, plastic, composites, wood, etc., with the price and reusable factor of choice.

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