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Workforce Management Software Review: Features, Pricing & Usability

by Afaque Ghumro

eResource Scheduler, a workforce management software, has genuinely revolutionized the way we operate and has been a game changer for me. As the operational manager of a prestigious 5-star hotel, I always believe we all need high-level skills in effective workforce management to maintain our high standards. Before we started using this software, we encountered several challenges that frequently left us feeling overwhelmed. However, since implementing this incredible software, our operations have significantly improved in many areas.

Simplified Scheduling

Before eResource Scheduler, scheduling our staff was a difficult task. The availability of our diverse team, managing shift changes, and ensuring the proper skill sets are used in different departments were daily challenges. But now, with eResource Scheduler, creating and managing schedules is a breeze. Because of its user-friendly interface, I can quickly assign shifts, view employee availability, and make changes. It is like having a personal scheduling assistant!

Tasks Based on Skills

One of the unique features of this workforce management software is its  ability to assign tasks based on employee skill sets. In a hotel, it is essential to allocate specific tasks to appropriate staff members with the perfect expertise to satisfy our guests. 

The simple features of this software have tremendously improved the quality of our services. For example, we can now ensure that our most talented chefs are always in the kitchen during peak dining hours, ensuring that our customers have consistently excellent culinary experiences.

Real-Time Visibility

With this feature, we were able to see our workforce in real-time. It assisted us in ensuring that we could meet unexpected resource requirements, such as room cleaning services, without causing any inconvenience to our guests. I can now track attendance, see who is on duty, and identify the gaps that require immediate attention. This level of transparency has improved accountability while also assisting us in optimizing our staffing levels, avoiding overstaffing during busy periods, and ensuring we have enough workers available during high-season periods.

Cost Management

Before implementing this software, poor scheduling and excessive overtime caused our labor costs to frequently exceed our desired levels. However, thanks to this workforce management software, I am now able to set budgetary limits for each department, and I get alerts when we get close to or go over those limits.

Employee Contentment

We strongly believe that “Customers are happier when the staff is happier.” To make it possible, we increased the satisfaction level of our employees with eResource Scheduler. The ability to request time off, the flexibility in scheduling, and the last-minute schedule changes are all valued by our staff. Everyone has benefited as a result, which has increased morale and decreased turnover rates.

Easy of Use

The user-friendly interface of this workforce management software is one of its best qualities. I had doubts that our team would have trouble implementing such powerful software, but the onboarding procedure surprised me. The simple design of the software made the initial journey simple for our staff. It shortened the learning curve and allowed us to utilize all of its capabilities in a very short period of time.


Cost-wise, eResource Scheduler provides outstanding value for the features it offers. I can say with confidence that the return on investment has been significant for us. But remember, the exact pricing can vary depending on the size of your organization and the features you require.

Wrap Up

This resource management software has completely changed the way we manage our workforce. The challenges we encountered before putting this software in place are now distant memories. Now, we consistently provide top-notch service to our customers with the perfect resource management. 

It is impossible to explain how exactly eResource Scheduler has improved the efficiency of our hotel business. But if you are an operational manager looking to improve all the departments of your business, I highly recommend this software. This potent tool can help you overcome operational challenges and achieve success. You know what? We cannot expect this same efficiency from other tools. 

Thus, I am happy with my eResource Scheduler experience and eagerly anticipate the positive effects it will continue to have on our hotel’s operations. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said that this software has been instrumental in maintaining our hotel’s 5-star rating! So, try it today and see the excellent results for yourself.

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