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3 Inexpensive Birthday Ideas for the Resourceful Mum

by Soft2share.com

If you’re a mum, it’s likely that the vast majority of your disposable income goes on your children.  This means that when it comes to planning your birthday celebrations, you might not be able to afford to do anything special.

On top of this, coming up with original birthday celebration ideas these days can be a problem in itself.

This coupled with the fact that there’s more pressure in today’s world to try to do something a little bit special for your birthday while keeping the costs to a manageable sum can be frustrating. So to help you, here are three inexpensive birthday ideas for resourceful mums.


Do You Want Answers From Beyond?

An inexpensive, original activity you could do as part of your birthday party could be to visit a medium.  A medium like the ones available at www.kooma.co.uk  can give you messages from loved ones from beyond the grave or maybe even make exciting predictions about the years of your life to come.

You don’t have to let a psychic gathering be the main focus of your night, but it could be something you base a theme around for a party or a night out on the tiles.

Talking to a medium could also be great if you want to have a family party because you could enquire about the status of one of your lost relatives together.

Celebrate Your Way Round the Capital

You might think that a trip to London for your birthday could be the opposite of a cheap idea – but you’d be wrong.

If you want a cultural birthday experience you could go to the Natural History Museum or any one of the art galleries dotted around the city.  If you go to the right places, you’ll also find that there are plenty of exciting, cheap places to get food in London, too.  There are always pop-up restaurants and bars opening around the city, and plenty of inexpensive markets to explore and find a bargain in, too.

So when you’re next thinking of what you want to do for your birthday, don’t write-off the capital because you think it’s too expensive, it’s actually a cheap day; have a look at this guide to see for yourself.

Visit the Coast          

Although we’re an island nation, not all of us regularly visit the coast.  Therefore, what better thing could you do on your birthday than go on a trip to the seaside?  The best thing about this idea is obviously that it’s completely free.

The only cost you’ll incur from your birthday bash is your transport there and the food you buy.  No trip to the coast is complete without traditional fish and chips, and if your family and friends are sports-inclined, you could even go for a swim, if you dare to face the cold British waters.

Ultimately, there are lots of ways that mums can have an original, inexpensive birthday celebration that you, your friends and family are sure to remember; all without breaking the bank.




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